Journal Entry #017

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 It's snowing in Vancouver which means the entire city is shut down! For a Canadian city, you'd think we'll be more prepared, eh? Yesterday and today, I'm working remotely which isn't bad. I remember the last time it snowed in the city, busses to the trains could get it up or … Continue reading Journal Entry #017

Celebrating 3 Years Together

Last Tuesday was our third year anniversary together! We were discussing about it and both agree that it really doesn't feel like it's been 3 years... and that's a good sign, right? Sometimes, I feel ridiculous celebrating these early years together. I mean, is 3 years still considered early? When I look at those who … Continue reading Celebrating 3 Years Together

Powell Street Festival (Japanese Street Festival)

If you haven't heard yet, Dan and I went to the Powell Street Festival last Saturday. This is our second time visiting the festival, and our first time since returning from Japan. We nearly forgot about this festival happening until we were both bored out of our mind Saturday morning and decided what's something that's … Continue reading Powell Street Festival (Japanese Street Festival)