#2014BloggerChallenge – eBook Collection

Can you believe it's June?! I still can't! A lot has happened the last few days and I'll keep you guys updated soon. For the time being, I'll fill you guys in with what I collect. Here's the thing about me and collections: I don't collect. I mean, I'd attempt to collect things (eg. rocks, … Continue reading #2014BloggerChallenge – eBook Collection

Job Searching/Internships & 'Reading Habits Tag'

I'm going to be nice and not bore you into details of my job/internship searching. Basically... I'm nearly done school, I just need 4 months worth of work experience related to HR before I graduate. Sooo... I've been applying to HR jobs (despite not having experiences) and applying to internships (which I found out there's … Continue reading Job Searching/Internships & 'Reading Habits Tag'