Money Diary of a 27-Year-Old HR Coordinator in Vancouver | Month of January 2021

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One of my favourite things about a month-end is the fact that I get to close out my monthly financial activities and see where my money is going for the month. I sound like I’m managing a lot, but honestly, it’s not! It’s just my Google Sheet that tracks my total month’s income, debt payments, savings, and spendings.

So, how did I do for January?

Reflections? LOL, I spent $2,000 in the month of January… what the heck?! If you look at my older money diaries, you’ll see I NEVER spend that much in the grand scheme of things.

BUT, let me share. We decided to start buying and booking for our elopement which is why there’s a decent amount of items classified under shopping and fees. We also go to Costco bi-weekly and January had a 3rd Friday/Saturday so we ended up going 3 times this month. Our Costco trips sometimes include household items (eg. freezer bags, cleaning supplies, toilet papers, etc) that I don’t break down into other categories (I’m not thaaaaaat nitpick).

But, I still managed to save a nice chunk. I’m contributing aggressively into my emergency fund for a bit because I had to empty out my emergency funds when we underestimated the closing fees for our condo. Once I’m back to my original EF balance, I’d start aggressively saving towards RRSP and putting money into sinking funds again.

Also, lowkey annoyed at how expensive mailing things with Canada Post is. We couldn’t do Secret Santa and our group agreed to mail the gifts out so we bit the bullet and did it early January.

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