Welcoming Myself Back (What’s New?)

Oh lordy, where did the time go?! I noticed my last blog entry was around the time the world went into lockdown due to COVID19 and since then, I haven’t touched my blog. 

I’m sort of happy that I’m sharing this post at the end of the month as opposed to the beginning of the month when it feels like I always make a New Year’s resolution to blog more and I do for the first few months and then fall off the wagon. So, posting this when all the New Year things are dying down feels good to me. 

So, what’s new in my life? Aka, what happened for the rest of 2020?


We became homeowners!

Dan and I are officially owners of a cute 1 bedroom condo! We picked up our keys on December 17th and got started asap on our little paint project the next day (an accent wall in the bedroom).

It’s now been a little over a month since we moved in and got nearly everything in order. We’re missing some house plants (we’re hoping to buy them when spring hits!), and some little patio furniture but otherwise, we’re super happy that we finally got a place to make it truly our home for the next few years.

I quit my shit job and started a new one!

I think in my previous post, I mentioned I felt like I was outgrowing my job so I started to look for new jobs. I felt what I was doing wasn’t really “human resources” and just administrative duties related to HR work. So I got super excited when I interviewed at a robotics company and they offered me the role with a salary increase too. It felt like a good opportunity to grow tremendously and launch my career… well, I left about 4 months afterwards.

I’m not a fan of shit workplaces and always believe that work shouldn’t make you feel like shit. But, I needed to stay because we were in the midst of closing our condo and couldn’t risk my workplace not providing a confirmation (side note – I accepted the new position because our realtor said we’d be closing soon BUT the condo was delayed 3 months so I had to stay). I felt extremely self-conscious and doubtful in the company. I was made to feel like my previous education and experience wasn’t enough, and was constantly being told the incorrect ways or told I wasn’t doing enough. I had no support from anyone, and I wasn’t learning a single thing. The worst is the constant anxiety this job gave me. I would dread going to work during my 1 hour commute, and dreaded every Sunday evening. I was truly unhappy.

In the end, when I had time to reflect on this a bit more, I was basically hired to do a manager’s role with entry level experience. The HR Director was also the Accounting Director (note – these 2 professions NEVER mix well!) and her biggest concern was that I was going to make her look bad in front of the CEO and CMO. She wanted all these new policies, guidelines, and cultural experiences but yet she never saw the real value of HR. She once told me “I don’t have time to meet with ‘these people’ and see what they want”, and thinks “What more do they want? We provide snacks in the kitchen. That is enough.” Towards the end, she wanted me to give her a call at 4:30pm everyday to tell her what I did today.

When my realtor gave me the OK to quit because the condo was officially closed and keys were handed over, I sent my resignation email at 9am the next day. I remember waking up at 5am, filled with anxiety that she’ll get my resignation email and call me to start belittling me. She never did, and the last I heard, they were struggling to hire my replacement.

My new place is sooooo much better! The culture is better; the people are better. My manager is an extremely talented HR Director that loves teaching and building people’s careers. She’s knows her shit and doesn’t belittle me for not knowing everything in HR. She has no ego whatsoever and doesn’t put director/manager-levelled responsibilities to me. Overall, I’m muuuuch happier with the work I do and I’ve learned so much about recruitment and HR in the past month than I did during that 4 months stay in the robotics company.

We’re eloping!

Yup, we’re eloping!!! Which sort of means… I’m engaged???? and Dan is technically my fiance??????

Honestly, Dan and I are SUPER chill over this. We decided to skip the engagement rings because we don’t believe it’s a necessity and purchased wedding bands only (I told Dan if he wants, he’s welcome to buy a milestone anniversary ring in the future). Since I’m not wearing an engagement ring, nobody in our immediate friends group knows we’re wedding in April which I’m super excited to surprise everyone with. We’re not big on weddings so we’re choosing not to invite anyone and do a casual celebration after the wedding day.

I’m excited to slowly return to the blogosphere and continue documenting my life. I have SOOOO many posts to write up still (from 2019 and 2020) so since it’s fairly quiet in 2020 and probably 2021, I think I’d take the time to pen them out and share some of (late) adventures.

How are you doing?

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