Journal Entry #021

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I started this journal entry complaining about the lockdown but I hated where it was going because I felt like whenever I mention COVID, it’s just so complain-y and we don’t need that kind of energy anymore.

For those who are wondering, I am still crushing my 2020 goals of a trying a new bake recipe every month. This month, we are trying ‘lemon fairy cakes’. To be honest, I don’t really know how I feel about lemon baked goods but I gave Dan 2 options and he went with lemon cupcakes.

I’ve also gotten used to home workouts and it’s a love/hate relationship. I’m forced to do at-home workouts because my Pure Barre studio is STILL charging $180/month for live stream classes… I’m sorry, I know it’s supporting local and small businesses, and I understand that my PB studios are in high-rent areas, BUT charging me the same original price for livestream classes leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I’ve seen other PB studios dropping down to $50 a month or so which makes more sense!

Since I’m doing at-home workouts, I try to hit my goal of 5x a week… they’re only 30 minutes so I’m trying to find 45 minute classes on Obe Fitness (options are very limited) or do back-to-back classes. Although, 30 minutes KICKS MY ASS all the time. It’s insane.

I’m a big fan of their cardio boxing classes.

The other day, I shared my April Money Diary and mentioned one of my favourite resources to a few other bloggers trying to get good with personal finance and it makes me want to write a whole entry about my personal finance story because going through ups and downs of debt and being (consumer) debt free is attainable AND so common to hear. In hindsight, my debt and let’s generous here by adding both my consumer and student loans, was NO WHERE near a lot of other debt stories I see. I see people with $20k credit card debts and I would honestly faint if I had that sort of debt on me. Plus, I’m honestly very proud and happy about my personal finance story that I want to document and share it as well.

In my previous journal entry, I mentioned I wanted to blog more and keep track of it via a bullet journal. Since April is done, I thought I’d share with you my habits and mood tracker for April! Please excuse my ugly handwriting.

Not bad, eh? As you can see, I only blogged 4x last month BUT still an improvement from my once a month entry, hahaha.

For those who are wondering, this is a digital planner and a digital bullet journal that I just started to get into and I’m super excited to share about that because if you’re anything like me and loves all things digital, AND get anxiety when trying to perfect an empty notebook… this is for you!

Anyways, thanks for listening to my ups and downs in this journal entry. Hope you are doing well! I’m off to write my April Monthly Reads πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Journal Entry #021

  1. Hahaha your handwriting looks so goood πŸ˜‚ and the digital planner sounds like such a good idea! what are you using to write on it?

    I can’t believe they’re charging you so much for online barre classes, though πŸ˜‚


    1. Aww, thank you! I’m still working on trying to have a cleaner writing πŸ˜› I switched over to digital planning 2 months ago and I caved got an iPad to use it.

      Omg, right?! I had to extend the freeze and the owner was very short in her email latest email. I was on the Pure Barre Reddit forum and noticed that a lot of other studios are still charging full price just to stream online!

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  2. It’s so great that you’re sticking to your working-out routine! I really want to get back to mine, oof. Also, wow, lemon fairy cake sounds beautiful.
    Looking forward to your post on April’s reads!


    1. I hope you get back to your workout routine soon! Always start small and keep the consistency going πŸ™‚ I’m excited to try the lemon fairy cakes this weekend… I only hope they turn out good. I’m not the greatest baker around πŸ˜›


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