I Did a Food Allergen Test

I got a food allergen test done before we went into a lock down. The reason why I chose to get a food allergy test done was due to the fact that I was getting sick so often for the first 2 months of 2020 and it was extremely odd that I would get sick because I honestly get sick only 2x a year or so.

Also, a running “joke” in my group of friends is that I’m allergic to alcohol. Is it true? We’re not sure but everyone says I must because I literally can’t have a few sips of beer without feeling the urge to throw up. And it’s not the “Asian glow” or “Asians can’t handle their liquor” – it’s genuinely a few sips of beer and I’d start to feel queasy and my stomach is telling me to go to the bathroom to try to throw this up. I know for a fact that I’m allergic to wine because it gives me a very similar reaction to when I eat kiwis and I absolutely cannot stand the smell of wine. Even when Dan is drinking it, I hate being able to taste or smell the wine off him. BUT, don’t feel too bad for me – I save a shit ton of money, never feel like shit the next morning, and I can technically sip on vodka based drinks as long as I can’t actually taste or smell the vodka… cue in my go-to drink, cranberry vodka (usually ordered with only half a shot of vodka).

So, I figured it’s finally time to get a food allergy test done to see if I’m eating things that I’m allergic to and to see if I’m truly allergic to alcohol or not. Prior to the lockdown, I scheduled a test with Sage Clinic in Yaletown.

I did a blood food allergy test so the doctor took a vile of my blood and sent it off for testing.

My results?

Honestly, not overly surprised by the result. My doctor actually told me she never seen someone’s chart so all over the place before sooo… whatever, haha. I won’t lie to you – I am devastated that my body is allergic to cheese because I LOVE cheese. And also, salmon and a few other items listed as avoids.

My moderate foods I’m not too concern about because I don’t have them 24/7. I would happily switch some of the foods from avoid to moderate if I could! SO HAPPY SEAFOOD WAS LISTED UNDER LOW!

But, I also got super curious because the test results shows that my body isn’t fond of some of the food but as I’m eating these foods, I don’t have ANY allergic reactions.

Apparently, Health BC says if you’re eating these foods and don’t have any reactions, your body has sensitised to the food. Which explains why I can eat all those avoids and still not have any reaction (maybe bloated or constipation?). But Brewer’s Yeast is actually listed as moderate but I’m guessing since I don’t drink enough beer in the past, I haven’t sensitised to brewer’s yeast? I’m fine either way since the only time I drink is when I crave my cranberry vodka.

But, just because I’m not showing any allergic reactions to the avoid foods doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore my test results (especially since I coughed up $$$). I’ve made an active effort to stop snacking on cheese and only have cheese when it’s on food, and look for gluten-free options when available. My friend suspects that if I choose to avoid these foods once in for all, she thinks I’ll develop an actual allergic reaction to it. And my doctor said it’s not a “forever” thing as our bodies are always changing and she said it’s better to just slowly introduce these foods into my system later on and see how I react then.

If anything, the fact that the grocery stores are empty-ish, it should make the food transitioning a bit easier!

5 thoughts on “I Did a Food Allergen Test

  1. Yikes, I’m sorry to hear about the cheese intolerance! Everything else seems doable but cheese is SO GOOD. I think just having it on things (like pizza) is a sensible option. I always say I could be vegan except for giving up cheese because I love pizza. Not drinking alcohol is kinda nice, I haven’t been drinking since summer and I honestly can’t say that I even missed it that much. I do like a good gin and tonic and a margarita so I’ve missed those drinks!


    1. I know, right?! Cheese is SOOOOO GOOOD! But, I’m happy to cut the addiction out and just have it on some cheesy foods and not have any allergic reaction to it when I eat, haha. That’s fantastic that you haven’t had a drink since summer! What led you to quit? I don’t see any harm in having a couple of drinks per year 😉


  2. Sounds a lot like my BFF who basically can’t eat anything “fermented” like cheese, vinegar, wine, mustard….and mushrooms…but I don’t know if they fall under fermented or if they fall into some other category.


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