Life under COVID19 lockdown

What week is it? What day is it?

My work sent us working from home full time at the beginning of March and I think it took me about a month to get used to the routine of WFH. I try my best to keep my standard office hours but found myself spending more time online past my usual work hours a few times already (also sneaking in Youtube videos or blogging in between emails).

I’m still extremely grateful I have a job during a time like this but not going to lie, lowkey jealous of those who get to lounge around (and collect government aid). I know, that makes me sound awful but since COVID19 hit, the stress from work increased tenfold! I’ve never experienced this much stress on a daily basis from work. The last stressful thing that happened at work was back in November. It’s not the amount of work that needs to be done, but it’s mental stress our recruiters gives out.

The weekdays aren’t too bad because majority is spent working but after work is when the dread kicks in. I’ve committed myself to try to work out 5x a week since the workouts are only 30 mins, and I don’t have to commute anywhere so technically, I have no excuse not to work out. I’m still on Obe Fitness and they have a 15 days barre/pilates/yoga workout plan that I’m keen on starting today.

PSA – Obe Fitness is one of those companies that requires you to call in to cancel your trial/membership. I wasn’t aware of this so that’s why I’m still using Obe Fitness after mentioning that I wanted to quit after the trial. For my Canadians out there, I don’t believe the number is toll free…

After work, I also binged a lot of Netflix series. Just finished Love is Blind, Tiger King, and The Great Canadian Bake Off. Sometimes I’ll throw in a movie here or there. My friend lend me her Disney+ account so rewatching the Marvel films is nice.

On the weekends, we try to go out for walks with Summer but majority of the parks are closed now, or if they are open, it’s super strict on social distancing. Sometimes, we take the occasional trip to Safeway for some baking goods. Still going strong on my 2020 goal to learn how to bake!

Here’s a vanilla with chocolate frosting cake I made a few weeks ago. The recipe and frosting is from Sugar Spun Run.

It’s really not bad, if I’m being honest, as long as I find something to occupy the time. We can still go out so it’s not as bad as some countries with penalties. Dan occupies his time with books and video games, and he’s still working as well which is nice because he’s somebody that would go stir crazy being stuck indoors for so long. We had 2 weeks where he wasn’t working so while I was working away, he would be beside me video gaming with friends loudly (our computers are next to each other).

For those who are curious, Vancouver isn’t on total lock down and grocery stores aren’t super empty! A lot of our favourite restaurants are still doing take out but I’m cautious about ordering take out now. The shelves in Safeway and Costco are a hit or miss – sometimes they’ll have what we are looking for and sometimes not, so we just make do and try again in 2-3 weeks. We were lucky enough to get TP from Costco before all hell broke loose so I’m hoping that lasts us until TP aren’t flying off the shelves all the time.

Things like Dan’s favourite oats has been out of stock for about 3 weeks already. We wanted floss and found a package for $$$. We managed to get a stick of butter without coughing up $7! Costco hasn’t stocked chicken thighs in a while, though…. lol.

Overall, like I said, it’s not bad! Both Dan and I are super lucky to still be working and since we’re forced to stay at home, we’ve been saving more than we would pre-Covid. I’m excited to come out of this with a decent bank account, hahahaha.

How’s life for you during this period?

3 thoughts on “Life under COVID19 lockdown

  1. I completely agree with you, I’m still working (nanny) and its been so much more harder and stressful now more than ever! I literally took a week off last week to just recharge…its been mentally and emotionally exhausting!


  2. Okay first of all that cake looks amazing! I’ve been thinking about baking but I know I would end up eating the whole thing myself haha I’m sorry that your life became more stressful since the pandemic started :/ it sounds like you have a good balance of different things you’re doing though! Also super awesome that you found TP lol we just ran out and thankfully have a bidet but now starting to use our Kleenex boxes 🙃


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