A Happy List | Vol. 7

+ We bit the bullet and purchased a coffee machine back in October! I have a bad Starbucks habit, spending $5.20 everyday – even on the weekends! This machine has already saved us sooooo much money already. It’s definitely an investment but pays off quickly!

+ I went go-karting for the first time! It was only the 2 of us but still very fun.

+ This is an odd one, but I’m happy about my first kitchen incident. I panicked so luckily Dan was level headed and had experience. It was a small stab into my pinky when I was cutting an avocado.

+ I made breaded garlic & Parmesan chicken wings! TMI but I think the breaded part of the wings gave Dan and I big farts, lol.

+ I tried making butternut squash soup! It was yummy but I over peppered it. I tried to save as much as I can but ended up throwing away one frozen bag of leftovers because Dan and I couldn’t handle the pepper anymore.

+ Summer became a working dog for the first time but unfortunately, slept on the job. I think she would do well in Japan though!

+ This is from December but we went to the Christmas market and had yummy German pork leg!

+ Also some December… Summer and her cousin, Cooper, met for the first time!

+ My reusable mesh bags for produce has arrived!

4 thoughts on “A Happy List | Vol. 7

  1. That coffee machine sounds well worth it, totally!! I do love a hot drink though I usually drink hot chocolate myself 😍😍 Go Karting sounds like so much fun and I’m sorry you hurt your finger but well done for cooking so much, and at least carrying on despite the incident. Glad it didn’t put you off, haha! Have a great weekend!


  2. That’s a beautiful coffee machine! I always thought of buying one but… I just think I’d STILL go to Starbucks if I had one. 😂 Super cool Dan did a barista class in Aus!

    I’ve been go-karting quite a few times as a kiddo but only once as the driving adult & it terrified me LOL. So fast & scary!!

    I am cracking up about the wings giving you guys “big farts.” 😂 The pork from the festival looks awesome & Summer & her cousin meeting is the cutest thing ever. ♡


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