My First Poshmark Haul!

My sustainability goal is being crushed right now! I’m not longer attracted or have the urge to shop fast fashion, and instead look at second hand and better brands that are known for their quality. Here comes Poshmark and my first haul. I didn’t buy these all in one go, it was accumulated over the past 2 months or so. But I’m taking a break right now so my wallet can rest, lol.

Lululemon On the Fly Pants – $43

I had to return these because the seller misled on the listing. It was a wide legs pants instead of straight. Thank goodness that Poshmark sided with me when I filed a case but it was insulting that they offered $5 credit prior to creating my refund label. I saw that the seller relisted the item and finally said it was wide leg (in the listing that I purchased from, 2 people asked if it was wide or straight and the seller ignored them).

Lululemon Leggings – $50

Brand spanking new and in excellent quality! Unfortunately, for some reason the sizing is a big more snug than my usual size. But I’m not too worried about it because I do plan to hit the gym more and shed the holiday gains.

Vintage Eddie Bauer Sweater Cardigan – $28

This is honestly my favourite purchase to date. It’s extremely cozy and warm in the winter and just so so adorable. I’ve worn it into the office for the first time, and within 10 minutes, I was getting complimented on this cardigan.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag – $70

Before you say anything… nope, I am not expecting a child! I purchased this as my everyday work-to-gym bag.

Suncoo Paris Robe Claire Dress – $25

I have a wedding to attend this summer and didn’t want to spend too much on a formal dress. I found this adorable cute dress that I plan to wear for the wedding party. The blue is a print of flowers and birds.

The one that got away…

United Colours of Benetton Sweater – $50

My max that I was willing to pay was $40 for this sweater but the seller was extremely firm on her price so I walked away. I’ve seen this on Depop as well and it looks like it’s been listed for a while so I’m hoping she comes around and offers me $40 but if not, that’s okay.

8 thoughts on “My First Poshmark Haul!

  1. I honestly thought Poshmark was a little cheaper than this but, go you for being more sustainable & buying second hand. The Eddie Bauer cardigan is sooo freakin’ adorable, def see why it’s your fave purchase to date!

    Thanks for sharing everything you picked out! I love seeing other people’s finds & styles. 😊


    1. I had the same assumption as well when I heard about Poshmark but I think a lot of people are using it as a platform for an “online store” and make it a side hustle so everything is probably marked up a decent amount 😦 I definitely still like the site a lot but I’m trying to make a mental note to visit my local thrift store before hopping online, lol.

      Me too! I love seeing other people’s haul to get a sense of what their styles are like. I love watching thrift hauls because some people find the craziest deals!


      1. People are totally making Poshmark a side hustle– I noticed that, too. Do you guys have stores like TJ Maxx & Marshalls? They sell brand new name brand items for much cheaper or same as Poshmark. 😛



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