I purchased a diaper bag as my everyday work-to-gym tote!

Yeah, admit it… you probably went … “what?” when you saw this post. But hear me out.

I’m picky with bags. For as long as I remember, even in my teen years, I liked bags but was very picky with them. It had to match what I want to the tee, otherwise, I don’t grab it. I also had a big bag collection but slowly realized I HATED switching bags on a daily or weekly basis. I would always forget something in one bag and it would stress me out.

So, when it came time to declutter my life many years ago, I got rid of a bunch of bags and kept a handful. Eventually, they handful went down to 2-3 which is where I am right now. I have 3 bags – an everyday tote, an evening/party crossbody, and a slightly bigger travel crossbody. It’s a personal rule that if I grab a new bag, it is only to replace one of the existing 3.

My everyday tote bag for last year or so. I got it when I was in Australia!

Since returning home from life abroad in mid-2019 and signed up for Pure Barre, my little cute koala bag was getting stuffed with my everyday items, yoga clothes and accessories, bottle of water, and lunch. It’s get worse when I have to throw in a little bit of this or that to take home that day.

It would cause me stress when I head to my barre class and I’m digging through my purse to get my sticky socks. It would cause me stress just digging through my bag in general! I then started to carry coffee into work everyday and that would cause me stress or anxiety when I have to carry my tumbler with no place to put it down until I get to the office.

By December, I was in the market for a new bag that would essentially ease my stress AND have a side pocket for my tumbler AND internal pockets. And man, was it hard to find something like that.

One of my goals in 2020 is also to try different fitness classes. Along with my regular barre membership, I plan to subscribe to ClassPass to change my fitness routine up a bit which means carrying a pair of runners and more snacks. And, I wanted to bring my camera out a bit more so I needed room to carry my mirrorless.

So, given that fitness was the main reason for me to switch bags, I hit up Lululemon and found the Easy Days Backpack.

Let me just say – nothing about this bag was what I thought it would be. Yes, it had all the amenities that I wanted and bonus, it changes into a backpack but oh my lord, it was ugly on me. The size was HUGE – the exact same size as the backing of my dining chair. I returned it asap and resumed my search on Poshmark.

There were a lot of Lululemon tote bags and other gym bags. I wanted a tote and not a gym bag because I feel really obnoxious and embarrassed carrying a gym back into the office everyday. For me, it’s like – look at me, I’m so fit and go to the gym everyday!

Eventually, I found a bag that looks really nice. It was a beige Coach bag WITH side pockets for my bottle, and lots of internal pockets… and it was $60! I read the details only to find out… it was a diaper bag, not a regular tote bag. And thus the start of me looking at diaper bags instead of tote bags.

I found many diaper bags but settled on one. The Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Eliz-a-baby Diaper Bag.

Dan was surprised. His first reaction was – “I did not expect the bag to look this good… I was expecting something very chunky”.

Let me just say, it’s is the perfect work-to-gym bag. It’s so roomy without it being bulky. It has a lot of internal pockets for me to keep my socks or keys, or lip balm, etc. It can literally fit all my change of clothes, plus runners and lunch. It has outside side pockets for my bottle so my hands are finally free during my commute! Most importantly, it doesn’t look like a gym bag and it’s fashionable. I mean, a diaper bag is expected to carry a shit ton of stuff for your baby right? So, how can it NOT accommodate all of my stuff?

Honestly, during my time searching for the bag, I never realized how many designer diaper bags there were… also, how expensive they can be! This Marc Jacobs (my first designer item, to be honest) is retailed to be $400 – excuse me, $400 to carry my baby’s poop?!

I couldn’t find anyone who used a diaper bag as a gym/everyday bag so that’s why I chose to write this blurb for anyone that is in a similar situation to me. Or anyone that wants a fashionable “gym bag”. My bag didn’t come with a changing pad but if yours does, you can use it in changing rooms to as a mat to place your items on the counter.

In all honesty, I don’t think I can look at diaper bags the same anymore! They are so versatile and not just meant for babies and mommies. They can be used as an everyday bag, an overnight bag, or in this case, a gym bag.

7 thoughts on “I purchased a diaper bag as my everyday work-to-gym tote!

  1. Diaper bags are honestly some of the best about! I still have the one I used when my little one was born and it’s lasted 6 years, still looks great and comes in handy for those days where I need a little more space. I do have loads of bags though, I collect them and quite enjoy changing them every day Haha but the diaper bag is always my old faithful! They are a great option for anyone who’s looking for that little bit more space and specific compartments, mines has 8 smaller pockets and two big ones which is great because I dont loose anything that way lol

    Great idea to write a post on this as I’m sure it will change some peoples minds on what the bags can be used for.

    Jordanne || thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk


    1. Yaaaas! It’s honestly the amount of pockets diaper bags offers that makes them so much more versatile than a regular purse! I love how nowadays diaper bags can pass as regular purses. Oh my goodness, I wish my diaper bag had a bit more pockets but it offers so much more pockets than my other bag so I can’t even complain anymore 😛 I agree, it’s tough to lose things in my bag now.


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