Journal Entry #017

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

It’s snowing in Vancouver which means the entire city is shut down! For a Canadian city, you’d think we’ll be more prepared, eh?

Yesterday and today, I’m working remotely which isn’t bad. I remember the last time it snowed in the city, busses to the trains could get it up or down the hill so I had to cancel my shifts at the gym. Apparently, we are due to get 5-10cm more tonight and my colleague suspects we’ll all be working remote again tomorrow.

Sunday night.
Monday morning. No matter how cold it is, I am always with a cup of iced coffee!

Working remote means I spent a lot of time on WordPress reading other posts and writing my own when I need a break from work. Also, because Dan is not around for majority of the day, I can do dumb blogging stuff without feeling embarrassed. Dan knows of my blog but I feel like it’s still pretty personal so I feel like I don’t have any privacy when he’s at home and I’m trying to catch up or write on my blog.

Last weekend, I was struggling with meal preps. I was getting tired of my usual meal preps, and wanted something light, cheap and healthy… and in comes “lunchables”! I’ve seen a lot of different varieties of lunchables on Reddit so I asked Dan to grab some protein, cheese, and veggies to give this a shot. I grabbed some healthier biscuits to toss in there as well.

Is it time for me to get my phone camera repaired?! Again! Dan ate all the crackers so I substituted with tortilla chips.

I ended up grabbing a very cute $8 bento box off Amazon to keep up with this lunchable-style lunch. I think I may switch to little pita breads in the future.

Also, I finally booked my barre class again! Classpass only allows you to schedule one week in advance so I booked my 4:30pm class for Tuesday. I abandoned Pure Barre when Dan started school back in October to save some money but we figured out our finances and I’m good to resume my membership again. I’m really excited but nervous since I’d be out of shape again.

I also want to try spin class! I work right next to SoulCycle but it feels too intimidating. Anyone that has down any spin, what are your experiences like?! (My friend told me the instructors will yell and call you out in class…).

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry #017

  1. Does it not snow in Vancouver often? I thought it always did in the winter! Lol I love that you still have your iced coffee. 😂 You shouldn’t be embarrassed of blogging in front of Dan! It’s your hobby! I just tell my boyfriend to not read over my shoulder when I’m typing because it bothers me lol.

    The bento box is adorable & I would love to try a barre class– soulcycle def sounds a bit intimidating though.

    Lovely to hear from you, Claire! ♡


    1. It does most of the time but there are some years when Vancouver doesn’t receive snow at all (those are my favourite years lol)! But it’s not as bad as most people think Canadian winters are, we have it the best on the west coast. The snow stayed for a week and by Monday, majority of the snow was melted, it felt like it never snowed at all.

      Yes, it would drive me nuts if Dan read what I was typing over my shoulder! Our computers are next to each other and we have a divider up for privacy but I’m so paranoid he’s reading what I’m typing. It feels like an intimate hobby even though he knows I blog!

      I loooove barre! I only met one person who tried barre and never liked it. I can’t wait to get back into the classes. I’m still working the courage to try my first soul cycle class.

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      1. Aw that’s so interesting. I thought ALL of Canada had winters close to as bad as Minnesota. 😛 Thanks for teaching me something new!

        Ah yeah, I get that. Writing/blogging does feel a bit intimate. Makes sense that you want to keep it for your alone time. 🙂

        Lol, let us know all about your first soul cycle class if you ever try it! I’d love to hear about it!


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