Journal Entry #016

Sunday, January 5, 2020

I am so tired.

Not because it has been a super busy week or anything. It’s because I stayed up so late over the holiday break and being forced to resume a regular schedule has been tiring. Anyone feeling me?

I shared my 2020 goals/resolutions earlier this week and one of the biggest one was to be more sustainable… which means shopping second hand and thrifting! This also aligns with my overall goal to save and put that money towards investing instead of buying random crap.

So yesterday we stopped by Value Village after returning my Lululemon purchase (God bless the customer service rep that accepted my item marked as final sale and gave me store credit). I’ve been meaning to drop into Value Village (a local thrift chain in Canada) for some time but never got around to it until Dan said he needed a small pot.

Here’s our small little haul…

When we were at the check out, I saw these 2 adorable Christmas plates that I just had to pick up. I felt it was a sign that the only 2 left was of course our birth years! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it was decorative plates and not dining plates but that’s alright.

Excuse the ugly hazy photos! My phone camera is acting up again >.>

But overall, our little haul was only $7! We were surprised because the two plates were priced at $6 each but it turned out that the Christmas items were marked down 75% percent so we paid about $2 each for the plates. The pot was $4.

Throughout the day yesterday, we worked on the sushi puzzle on and off. I kid you not, I worked on the frame back in the summer and never got around to it because it overwhelmed me with the amount of bamboo mat pieces it had. Dan’s idea was the work on all the text and lay it out on the frame and then work on the sushi and mat pieces.

Can’t wait to put this framed puzzle up on the wall! Hopefully I don’t crave sushi everytime I walk by it… lol.

Lastly, I finally received one of the NYE photos from the girls! To celebrate NYE, Jai hosted a breakfast PJ party. It was a very chill and casual night, and so adorable with the stuffed animals!

Today, I just have to meal prep and hopefully be able to sleep at a reasonable time tonight so I’m not a zombie for the rest of the week when things return back to normal.

I’m also in dire need of a new everyday/work/gym bag and I’m hella picky with bags so I’m trying to be very patient in finding the perfect one so I’m not buying a new bag like 10 months down the line again. To keep with my sustainability lifestyle resolution, I’m checking Depop and Poshmark every other day and plan to drop by Value Village again later this month instead of buying new.

8 thoughts on “Journal Entry #016

  1. Oh my gosh, how perfect that Christmas plates were yours & Dan’s birth years & that they ended up being so cheap! The sushi puzzle is super cool! Love that you guys put it together & framed it! The NYE party looks & sounded like it was a blast! 😁


  2. Ahhhh I adore thrift shopping! It’s always so exciting! πŸ˜€ Ooh I love that those plates ended up being 75% off each, haha – there are few things more amazing than getting to the checkout and finding out it’s way less than you expected to pay!


    1. I forgot how much fun it is to thrift! I haven’t thrifted since high school so going back with an open mind was pretty fun. I loved checking out the home decor section since that was never a priority back in high school. And yes – it’s one of the best feelings to know it was discounted at checkout! πŸ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha I’ve done that! I used to thrift a lot when I was younger, so I wasn’t as interested in certain sections of thrift stores as a kid, but they’re really fun to browse now lol.


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