An Update on the FabFitFun Fall 2019 Box

Last week, I got notification that my Winter FabFitFun box was being shipped out (yipeeeee!) and it reminded me that it’s been nearly 2 months since my first FFF box.

After some time with the products, I thought I’d share a final review of the box. For context, here’s the original FFF Fall Box post.

From left to right –

Anthropologie Travel Yoga Mat – $50 USD. Oh my god do I wish I kept this in the wrapping so I can gift this for Xmas this year. There’s a reason why it has 2.3 stars on its website… I get that it’s a travel mat, but it’s ridiculously thin to the point that it offers no support for your back on hard surfaces. I started doing home Barre workouts and it provided no support on my tile floors when I was doing ab workouts. It also had a weird funky smell to it.

Nassifmd Detox Pads – $45 USD. Honestly, don’t see any difference with my skin, lol. It’s a nice little routine to add after my showers but otherwise, I don’t see the hype of this product and will happily return to my drugstore moisturizers when this runs out.

Afterspa Hair Towel Wrap – $18 USD. Never used it as I don’t care about hair products so I’m saving this for my office secret santa, lol.

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roller Ball – $29 USD. This is probably my favourite item in the kit. I loooooove essential oils and having another carry on is nice. I’ve used it a few times in the office as November was a very stressful month for me.

Aveda Damage Ready Daily Hair – $30 USD. Same as the hair towel wrap – never used it because I don’t care for hair products and will be regifting this haha.

Harper and Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in Juice Cleanse – $16 USD. This came in a good time because I was in desperate need of some exfoliating rubs. I love the smell of these little cubes and it did work wonders on my skin and problem area. But, the execution was a bit poor because once the sugar cube gets down to a certain size, you can’t really grip onto it anymore so you’re losing some scrubs down the drain.

Human and Kind Body Souffle – $18 USD. A natural and cruelty free moisturizer. I keep it in the office. It smells really good and does the job of moisturizing. It does not feel thick or sticky and absorbs really quickly. This does get a bonus point for being a conscious product and company!

Better Skin Co Lava Magik – $32 USD. I like to do masks from time to time when I’m bored so having this around was perfect! It’s like any other masks where you leave it on and feel the product work on your skin. And once you wash it off, your skin feels fresh and tighter. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Overall, like I said, I sort of knew what I was getting into when I subscribed to FFF. 99% of these products, I will not buy in store, even if it was heavily discounted. But the idea of just receiving random goodies is nice!

In my previous post, I told you guys that I’ll subscribe to the winter box and cancel after that. I did get to choose some items for my winter box and I am honestly more excited for that because the products seems to suite me more (I’m not much of a beauty person).

The products in the Fall box was very mediocre. Was it because I’m not a beauty expert to fully appreciate the products? Who knows. Maybe. But otherwise, if I knew how disappointing the Fall box was, I think I would’ve waited for Winter.

My verdict – The FFF Fall 2019 was my first box and it fell short. I can’t wait for the winter one though!

PS – Has anyone tried Causebox?! I’m looking to subscribe to that in 2020 as I’m leaning towards more conscious lifestyle and Causebox offers products that are sustainable and ethical. Plus, it offers free shipping to Canada which makes it cheaper than FFF 😛

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