Celebrating 3 Years Together

Last Tuesday was our third year anniversary together! We were discussing about it and both agree that it really doesn’t feel like it’s been 3 years… and that’s a good sign, right?

Sometimes, I feel ridiculous celebrating these early years together. I mean, is 3 years still considered early? When I look at those who are at 5 years or 10 years, or even 30 years, it feels a bit “unnecessary” to celebrate anniversaries unless it’s a milestone. Don’t get me wrong – I love anniversaries, and I love celebrating it even if it’s just a small dinner, but it still feels like I’m being “extra”, haha.

One thing I refuse to acknowledge and do anymore is celebrate “monthaversaries” (cue high school relationships). I cringe when I scroll through my Insta feed and someone wishes their SO a happy 1 month.

Last Monday, I had a the day off so I decided to surprise Dan with a hot pot dinner. Why didn’t we just wait until Tuesday? I don’t know. We love hot pot so we’re not complaining.

On Friday, we went to Dark Table in Kitsilano! Dark Table is a restaurant that gives diners the experience of “dining in the dark” and being served by visually impaired servers. It’s one hell of an experience and if your local city has something similar to this, I highly recommend it!

I heard reviews from colleagues and they all said that the food is mediocre but the experience was worth it. When you arrive, you get to pick your main course of the menu before they bring you in. The appie and dessert is usually a surprise. Once you placed your order, a server will come out to grab you. You’re instructed to put your hands on their shoulders and follow them into the restaurant and your table. The inside of the place is pitch dark – like literally pitch dark. I can’t even see a glimpse of shadow when someone walks by the table. This is suppose to give the experience of what is is like to be blind.

Our server was Yuko and let me just say – she is so adorbs and by far my favourite sever of all time!

Dan and I both had some sort of salad as an appie… I wasn’t a big fan of it but Dan enjoyed it. I ordered a steak and Dan had a lamb dish. For dessert, I was given a tiramisu and Dan had a carrot cake. The food was better than mediocre but the portions were quite small – we were still hungry later on in the night.

Of course, because it was dark, I couldn’t take any photos! We had a 3 course dinner and throughout the whole experience, it was surprisingly “quiet”. I mean, I think it’s louder in other restaurants because you’re so crammed up with others. Whereas, I think given the concept of Dark Table, they purposely give a lot of space between every table for crowds to move around without bumping into each other in the dark. So, you can hear bits and pieces of conversations from your neighbours but otherwise, there’s some privacy.

I found Dark Table off Groupon so if anyone is in Vancouver and wants to give it a shot, I say go for it!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 3 Years Together

  1. All years should be celebrated, 365 days is a LONG time but yeah, you’re right — maybe not months, lol. Happy 3 years to you two!! ❤ The hot pot dinner looks awesome. Did you put all that together by yourself?! & oh my gosh, a dine in the dark place recently opened up here. The reviews say the same about the food being mediocre but, the experience should be had… maybe we'll give it a go sometime. Sounds like you two enjoyed it!! ❤


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