Money Diary of a 26-Year-Old HR Admin in Vancouver | Nov 3-9

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It’s been a hot minute since I last did a money diary! I fell off the wagon back in Melbourne because my bank had a shitty way of displaying transactions, and then when I got back to Canada, I felt so busy trying to get back on my feet and settle in that I neglected my blog and Money Diary series…. so here is it again!

Sunday, November 3rd
6pm – Sharetea via Doordash – $17.45

Monday, November 4th
1pm – Naruto Sushi via Skip the Dishes for lunch – $21.84

Tuesday, November 5th
12:30pm – Summer’s grooming session – $90.56

Wednesday, November 6th
1pm – Hula Poke for lunch – $13.45

Thursday, November 7th
1pm – Urban Fare for lunch – $7.34
7pm – Hiro Sushi via Skip the Dishes for dinner – $49.38

Friday, November 8th
12:30pm – Hula Poke for lunch – $13.45
5pm – Safeway groceries – $41.51

Saturday November 9th
9:30am – McDonald’s for breakfast – $15.20
1pm – Sharetea via Doordash – $19.55

Grand total for the week – $289.73

Reflections? This week was honestly shit. I normally don’t buy lunch out for the entire week (usually only when I’m working remotely once a week) but I neglected my meal prep and it shows… it definitely shows! I tried to keep it cheap by going to Urban Fare but a new poke bowl opened downstairs of my work and I was tempted to try it out… plus, it was just downstairs!

I also had Summer’s grooming this week but now she’s a pretty pup again.

Overall, not my greatest week but this usually happens once in a blue moon that I neglect meal prep altogether.

4 thoughts on “Money Diary of a 26-Year-Old HR Admin in Vancouver | Nov 3-9

  1. Love the money diary entries! Ooooh, you can never go cheap with sushi dinners, especially when you want to eat well. I like that your grand total was pretty good overall. I mean it is so much better than my typical week anyways. Hopefully you’ll find the energy to meal prep next week!

    Nancy ♥


    1. You are so right – it’s super hard to find a good sushi place that cheap. I remember back in high school, I visited a local sushi spot that was known to be pretty affordable and their sashimi was still frozen a bit when they served it to me, haha. And yes, I did end up meal prepping! I just felt way too bad buying my lunches out every day.


  2. I totally understand your struggle! I also try to meal prep as much as I can but whenever I neglect it, I truly feel it! It’s okay to buy your lunch from time to time, you’ll get back on track really soon! 😊


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