A Happy List | Vol. 6

+ I found a sushi puzzle that was half off!

+ Dan made me a delicious sandwich for lunch.

+ I detangled all my jewellery and got them hung up! I’m not an accessory person so I’m thinking of decluttering it a bit more…

+ Dan and I went home decor shopping!

+ Bon’s Off Broadway was the talk of the town back in high school but I never went throughout high school. Dan and I gave it a shot and now it’s his favourite breakfast joint. It’s dingy, cheap and mediocre but it speaks to us.

+ My reusable grocery bags finally arrived and they’re adorable af!

+ Finally framed 2/3 of our puzzles! Dan got me this puzzle back when we were in Vietnam.

+ After not working out for months, and dreading the gym, I made the switch to go to Pure Barre full time and don’t regret it at all! The monthly membership is steep but this has been the only workout that can get me up at 6am on a near daily basis. I’ve been doing it for three weeks and shed some pounds already.

+ I found my new favourite meal prep. I’ve been having this chickpea salad everyday for the past 3 weeks and still not tired of it!

6 thoughts on “A Happy List | Vol. 6

  1. Oooh, I love the sushi puzzle — It’s adorable! Also, detangling jewelry is literally a project lol!! I always feel accomplished afterwards 😂All your jewelry looks super pretty & well organized! x


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