Quarry Rock Hike

A few weeks ago, Dan and I decided to hike Quarry Rock in Deep Cove with my our little pup, Summer.

From the time we left Australia to finally settling back in at home, we haven’t worked out so we wanted to start with an easy hike. Quarry Rock is about an hour and a half round trip hike.

We also wanted an easy hike for little Summer as well. Despite how small she looks, she’s actually a senior dog! I honestly can’t recall her age but she’s about 12 or 13 years old.

At first, Summer was trotting about and would hesitate on big rocks or stumps. She didn’t do too well on the staircases so Dan decided to carry her halfway up.

Let’s just say… him and Summer were getting a lot of ‘awwww’….s from everyone!

Top of Quarry Rock!
A family portrait.

Needless to say, Summer was all pooped out when we reached the top so Dan carried her down.

Look at this pooped out face!

We decided to lounge around at the nearby park and seawall.

After this hike, we decided to purchase a doggy backpack for Summer. We have yet to try it out but hoping it works out for longer hikes!

7 thoughts on “Quarry Rock Hike

  1. We love any trip that we can take ‘our pack’ along with us for! That’s why we have such a love for camping and hiking. You’ve got some great pictures from this hike – We’ll have to check out Quarry Rock if we’re ever in the area


  2. Your dog is so cute!! I have an older small dog too and I always end up carrying her on the way back when hiking. Getting a doggy backpack is a smart idea. And the view from the top of that hike is beautiful!

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net


  3. Your dog is just adorable. Is it a Yorkie? My husband and I are going on more hikes, and we kinda have to now because one of his friends is getting married on top of a mountain in October and we have to hike about 2 miles both ways to get there and back down.

    Hannah the Mad Dog


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