A Happy List | Vol. 5

+ My 2nd pair of blue light glasses finally came from EyeBuyDirect! I have one for work and this is solely for the home when I either work from home or spend a lot of time on my blog. For anyone that is thinking about blue light screen glasses… GET THEM! They help the eyes so much, especially if you’re always in front of the screen. My eyes don’t strain or feel dry when I wear them at work.

Frame is November.

+ My cross stitch and embroidery kits finally arrived! I want to learn how to cross stitch and do embroidery.

+ We tried a new breakfast joint – Fable Diner!

+ My mum dropped off a bag of pork buns!

+ We finally got a BBQ! In Australia, we loved the BBQ because anything BBQ taste 1000x better, but also made meal prep very easy. We got this from Walmart at $40 and the stand at London Drugs for $50. We plan to BBQ throughout the year so it was a perfect set up for us.

+ Check out my cute lunch bag 😛

3 thoughts on “A Happy List | Vol. 5

  1. This is such a lovely post, I like the happy things in life that make everything a little easier to deal with. I’ve been dying to try out blue light glasses as I work with screens a lot and heard great things, definitely going to look into them a little more. Your breakfast looks absolutely delicious! Definitely making me hungry right now Haha and jealous about the bbq, we’ve been saying we need to get one for so log but it never happens lol ps. Your lunch bag is SOOOO cute, slightly jealous lol

    Jordanne|| thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk


  2. I sooo need a pair of those bluelight glasses & one of your mom’s pork buns, please, lol! The new breakfast spot looks yummy & the lunch bag is freakin’ ADORABLE! ♡


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