Journal Entry #015

Sunday, August 2nd, 2019

Happy August, everyone!

I had my housewarming last night and it was such a fun evening to welcome everyone into our home. We had taco night and our friend, Jai, went all out for us. She absolutely loves cooking and event planning so it was perfect for her to cook about 90% of the food, and complete the $75 budget challenge.

This was what she had envisioned but the table doesn’t even include the delicious slow cooked pulled pork she cooked up! There were definitely left overs even after some of our guests took home some food.

We later went to Espot to play some pool and darts before calling it a night.

I also did something… I deleted my Facebook! Legit, delete and not deactivated. There’s definitely no going back now. I still use the messenger but that’s about it.

And three weeks ago, we celebrated Stephen’s birthday at Aloutte Lake!

About two weeks ago, I found out that nearly all my old blog posts had missing images! I got insanely upset because I treat this blog as a diary and there were so many posts that I don’t have photos for or be able to recollect what happened. When I looked closer into this incident, I found out that when I imported my October Rain blog, WordPress imported all the posts and pages, but not the media files. So when I went to delete October Rain, all the media was deleted as well.

Luckily, I didn’t delete my Blogger so I was able to relocate all the media files and reupload them to Coffee With Claire to prevent this from ever happening again. Thank goodness for that “back up”! I originally blogged on Blogger before coming over to WP.

But, you can imagine how tedious it was to download all the images and reupload and edit all my posts prior to October 2017. Unfortunately, my anniversary post is missing three pictures but I’m not too worried about that because they’re just pictures of our anniversary gifts that I still have. The other post that was not salvageable was a review on ToSave but whatever because I’m done with that influenster life.

But that being said, I’ve come to realize there were a few posts that I promised and never got around to (oops). That includes my NYC recap post from back in 2016! I’d get around to it… eventually, lol.

Anyways, it’s a long weekend in Vancouver and the sun is shining! We plan to take a small stroll in the next little bit and take a hike tomorrow.

One thought on “Journal Entry #015

  1. Oh my gosh, that table of taco stuff & shells looks amazing!! Your friend did so well. 😀 I would be so upset if my photos in old posts went missing, too. I’m SO glad that you were able to relocate yours though even if it took some time & effort.


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