Got my hair styled and I no longer look like a “single soccer mom”!

Two weeks ago, I finally redeemed Dan’s Valentine’s Day gift! For those who don’t know, I had a pixie cut last summer. While it was nice, the growing out phase was horrendous! I began to feel very self conscious and unhappy with my hair but I was also very cheap and couldn’t justify spending $100+ at a salon but also didn’t trust the Asians enough to fix what little hair I had grown out.

(I say Asians because they generally offer very cheap haircuts but can be a hit or miss).

So, I spent months and months complaining to Dan (lol) until on Valentine’s Day, he decided to get a gift card to a very fancy salon to finally get my hair fixed!

My appointment was at 12PM at Joey Scandizzo Salon in South Yarra. First impression of the salon? Holy cow, did my self confidence plummet!


Behind me were rows and rows of awards this salon has won. They specialize in celebrity hairdos as well. The salon itself was grand and super beautiful and clean – soooo different from the usual Asian salons I go to.

You know it’s a fancy place when they hire dedicated hair washers. I kid you not – I’m so use to the stylist washing my hair before cutting it so I was taken back that they had someone else wash my hair before guiding me to my stylist’s chair.

Unfortunately, I forgot my stylist’s name but he gave me heaps of confidence back. I sat down and told him my life story and why I felt horrible about my hair. I told him I was looking for something that is easy to maintain (aka wake up and brush my hair), and something that I can just grow out without worrying that it would lose its shape again.

He instantly said – “bob”, especially given my hair length as well. He showed me a few styles he think I can pull off but they were waaaay too edgy – also, you know it’s a fancy salon when they do and suggest edgy looks rather than classic, safe styles.

We joked about my hair and be basically said “Your hair makes you look like a single soccer mom from the 80’s.”

Ouch, but also true and here’s why:


I basically had a weird mullet thing and when I got to the gym and sweat, it basically warps around my neck. Also, the tiny little ponytail that I do at the gym is ugly af.

For someone that usually goes to cheap salons, holy crap did I noticed the difference in technique when my stylist was saving me. It’s soooo much more different than the usual techniques I see at the cheap salons do – seriously, how is it that they all have the same technique but fancy pants salons each has their own techniques to cutting hair?

All in all, my session took about 1.5 hours to finish and stylized. Leaving the salon, I felt soooo much comfortable having people look at me and just fell in love with my hair again. I no longer fuss about it and I’m no longer sinking in money in products that claims they help promote growth. I’m content enough to wait patiently now.

13 thoughts on “Got my hair styled and I no longer look like a “single soccer mom”!

  1. It is great that you went to a stylist to get your hair transformed! I went to one recently and it is a GAME CHANGER! Your stylist did a great job with making your hair flow naturally. I’m glad you enjoyed the results! Even though it costs a bit more, you’re paying for their expertise and the end game is worth it. Love your new hairdo!

    Nancy ♥


    1. Thanks, Nancy! You’re absolutely right – it’s such a big game changer! I don’t think I can ever go back to cheap salons if I want a big change in hairstyle. I’m super happy with the way it turned out as well and I can finally just relax and not fret over my hair anymore.


  2. Looks awesome!
    I definitely understand the difference between high end salons and the cheap ones, since I have experienced both!
    Same is with shampoos really.

    Was your hair done by a man or woman?
    I’ll be honest, I’m not very comfortable with men doing my hair.


    1. Ah, expensive shampoo is something I haven’t tried yet, haha. I’m still using random shampoos that are on sale at the drugstore, lol. I would love to try an expensive shampoo as well now that I’ve experienced such big differences!

      My stylist is a man and he was super friendly and easy to chat to. What makes it uncomfortable for men to handle your hair?


    1. Thank you, Savannah! It was a love/hate relationship with my old do – I tried so hard to just accept it and wait for it to grow out but I’m definitely happier with my hair after visiting the salon. I am soooo grateful for Dan’s thoughtful gift and allowing me to experience the vast difference between high end and cheap salons.

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  3. Your hair looks great! I’m glad you’re happy with it now, it does make a difference.
    I go to a mid-range salon which is good enough for me but I’ve been to higher end ones and there’s definitely a difference.


  4. Really your Hair looks so Gorgeous. I am also planning to do something with my hair as well.
    Thanks for sharing your personal experience.
    I have written one article on straight Hair. If you have time so please go through once and let me know if there is anything I need to change to my blog about


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