A Happy List | Vol. 4

+ I reached my 10th journal entries earlier this week!

+ I am finally starting to catch up on my 2018 scrapbooking and scrapped 6 pages! I really want to share some the pages since digital scrapbooking is one of my favourite hobbies but I’m just a little shy…

+ I got into Podcasts thanks to my friend, Kendel and I am planning to write a post about the channels I’m subscribed to.

+ I sent my 2018 Canadian taxes a few weeks ago so a whooping $4k tax return is to hit my bank account soon!

+ I’m still motivated to go to Grad school so I’d see if this motivation continues when I return home.

+ My haircut is on March 2nd and I am sooooo excited to finally fix my awkward hair blob.

+ I found a neat pair of ankle boots for only $25!

+ I am coming up on three months since deactivating my Facebook and Instagram (again) but this time around, it feels more permanent. I love how happy, confident and productive I’ve been since deactivating the two platforms.

4 thoughts on “A Happy List | Vol. 4

  1. Exciting about the hair cut!
    Will you be posting a bit more about that?
    Have you tried the inversion method already (with the oil in the hair)? I just bought some shower caps, so I will start that tonight. Not looking forward for it because it gets so messy!

    Hurray for tax return! That’s always a nice surprise 😀


  2. I wish I could have a tax return instead of having to pay in lol. Can’t wait to see your new haircut! Hope your month has been off to a great start. 🙂


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