Journal Entry #009

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

I’m writing this journal with a tummy full of delicious sushi after our late Valentine’s Day dinner that we just returned from.

Can I just say… what a week! It went by tremendously fast and my wallet is begging me to stop spending. The fact that this week consisted of Dan’s birthday and Valentine’s Day didn’t help, and last week was UFC night (which I’ll blog about sometime this week!).

Last weekend, we dropped by Gelato Messina on Chapel Street after watching the Alita movie (which was somewhat decent… about a 7/10). It was recommended by Charlotte and Sophie at work and we were in Windsor so we mind as well check it out.

The gelato is probably the best I’ve had so far in Melbourne! The place is dark (like a nightclub to be honest) and there’s no lineup or ticketing system. It’s pretty much like ordering at the bar where you just have to catch the shop associate’s attention if you want to order.

Do you see Robert Brownie Jnr? Hilarious isn’t it?!

On Wednesday, it was Dan’s birthday! He turned the ripe ol’ age of 29… lol.

As a gift, I got him the Huawei P20 phone. He hasn’t owned a quality smartphone since his Galaxy Note died so I thought it would make a nice gift, especially since we’re travelling and he has mentioned a few times that he wished he had a better smartphone to take better pictures. I’m honestly blown away by how far phone cameras have come to be!

That day I also left work early to hit the CBD to pick up another surprise and his Valentine’s Day gift as well.

I picked up Uncle Tetsu (his favourite dessert) and a pack of Corona beers.

Cheese tarts!
Matcha Madeleines.

It turned out that his work finished at 3pm and they took him out for some drinks until 5:30pm so when he came back home, he was a little tipsy.

We ordered Chinese food as his birthday dinner and our Greek roommate poured him some very strong Greek vodka so, by the end of the night, he was a goner.

This drunken photo of Dan is going into our scrapbook because it’s the only photo I have of him on his birthday!

The next day was Valentine’s Day! Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all my readers!

This year, we decided to keep it super simple with a budget of $50. After work, we ordered mediocre sushi and watched some Parks and Rec.

I got him two of his favourite League of Legends Funko Pops. He has a third one back at home that his best friend got him for his birthday so it added well to his collection.

For my Valentine’s Day gift, Dan got me a gift card to a fancy salon to get my hair styled properly. Ever since I started growing out my pixie cut from the summer, I became very self-conscious because I believed the barber didn’t know how to cut and style pixies properly so it has left me with an ugly shape and blob. I have it scheduled for March 2nd so I’m super excited to get my hair fixed!

Also, while we’re on the topic of V-Day, please visit my blogging friend, Hunida’s post on 5 years of Valentine’s Day dates! It’s by far my favourite V-Day related post and it’s just soooooo adorable!

Today, we slept in until 11am and had a very late brunch, followed by a late gym session (my legs and glutes are soooo sore!). We decided to hit up our favourite sushi place again and while it’s supposed to be Dan’s late birthday dinner, he changed it to be our late Valentine’s Day dinner so that was very nice!

Since I got him those two Funko Pops, I caved and went back to EB Games to grab my two Golden Knight boys 😛

Anyways, it’s getting late so I’d end this post with a funny picture of our third roommate, Charlii.

10 thoughts on “Journal Entry #009

  1. Growing out hair is a long and terrible process. I am in the same process currently.

    But if you’re willing to give it a go, I have an unconventional method called “ the inversion method”.
    You just heat up any kind of oil. Rub it into your scalp, tip your head upside down and massage for 5 minutes.
    Do this for one week a month.
    Some say you get a bit dizzy. That doesn’t happen to me. I just watch a video while doing it. 😅

    Personally I see my hair growing a lot more!

    Otherwise vitamin like biotin help too.

    Recently I read about rubbing your fingernails against each other for 5 minutes a day should work too.
    I’m a bit desperate so I am doing that too! 😅🤡


    1. Oh my gosh, I am willing to try anything, haha! Thanks for these unconvential tips, Andrea! I’m writing them down and gonna put it on my phone to try these out because I am desperate to grow out my hair, lol. That oil rub sounds like it could do my hair wonders!


      1. So am I!
        If you don’t want to do it with the oil and wash your hair everyday, then at least flip your head upside down and massage it.

        And keep me updated! I really am curious if it’s going to work for you like it does for me!


  2. Oh that would’ve really frustrated me about there being no line at the gelato shop lol. Looks like such a cool place though! Those matcha madelines are beautiful, yum!

    Valentine’s Day sounds like it was wonderful!! Can’t wait to see your new hair. 😄 & thanks so much for the shout out, I’m so glad you enjoyed that post!!

    Charlii is so cute!!! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah seriously!! I bet the workers get so flustered working there without a line lol.

        That makes me so happy, Claire! ❤ Thank you again!!


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