1 Month in Melbourne

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I moved out to Melbourne! Honestly, this time of the year usually flies by for me but November felt like the longest month of the year. A few days ago, someone asked if it feels like I’m on vacation because time moved so slowly in November and I stumped at that because I don’t feel like I’m on vacation… but I also don’t feel like I’m settled yet, you know what I mean?

So, what is life like in Melbourne after a month?

  • The trains in Melbourne are different than the ones back at home. I hate the schedule – you miss a train? Wait 15 minutes! Whereas, back at home, if you missed a train, another one comes in 2-3 minutes (or less during rush hour). 
  • Some produce and foods are called differently over here:
    • Ketchup = tomato sauce
    • (Bell) Pepper = capsicum 
    • Cilantro = coriander (I had such an embarrassing experience at the grocery store because of this!)
    • Frosted Flakes = Frosties
    • Fries = Chips (obviously!)
    • Thrift stores = Opp shops
    • Hours of Operations / Open hours = trading hours
  • It’s super competitive out here in the job market. Definitely much more competitive than back home. 
  • Houses are built differently over here – it seems like a lot of them are only one level and there are no basement suites. 
  • Oh my gosh, I don’t think I can ever complain about the rain in Vancouver because here in Melbourne, when it pours… it freakin’ pours! We live next to a gym (literally, 30 seconds walk) and Dan was soaked from the time he left the gym because he was caught in torrential rainfall. 
  • There are no monthly bus passes – you just have to load up your card with 4 weeks or 52 weeks or 120 days, etc. 
  • Because rent can be paid weekly… a lot of people will rent out their rooms whenever they can. On Facebook, I saw someone try to rent their room for like 5 days.
  • Fruits are hella expensive but meat and produce are fairly cheap. 
  • Sushi is completely different out here… I can’t explain it. I should probably take photos next time. 
  • People comment on my accent… that’s weird. 
  • Also, I miss hockey… so, so much. 
  • Plus side… I get K-Mart AND Target. Oh my lord, I can’t stop going into them.
  • The phone planes are SO cheap and good! I pay $30/month and get 8gb of data and unlimited talk/text. On top of that, any unused data gets rolled over into the next month with a maximum of 200gb. Like, what do Australians do on their phone that requires this much data?!
  • Major groceries delivery groceries to your door and it’s not a premium service or anything out of the norm.
  • Tax is already included in the price! If I see a tag for $10, I’m paying $10 at the register.
  • No tips culture!

There’s probably a bit more differences that I’ve noticed during my month here but these are what comes to the top of my head. 

Of the 4 weeks here, I’ve worked for 1 week which isn’t too bad! I got a sense of the Australian workforce. I’m hoping to ditch the contract realm soon and find something permanent or at least a longer contract term.

I think I’m most excited for Christmas because it’d literally be Christmas in summer. Like, I would be wearing shorts next to my Christmas tree and I’m excited for that, lol. 

Also, given that it’s been a month already… I think it’s time for me to meet new people. So I downloaded Bumble and half-assed my swipes but I’d try to put more effort into my matches.

5 thoughts on “1 Month in Melbourne

  1. I can see how the different wording of foods could get confusing. Sometimes I forget that cilantro and coriander are the same thing. lol

    I really wish I could have groceries delivered to my door! How awesome would that be!


  2. I agree about November being one of the longest months this year. I wish all the months went by that slow but, I already feel like December is going by 10x faster! I also know exactly that “not quite settled feeling”– we were the same way when we first got to Las Vegas.

    That’s so fun that the language is used a bit different over there! I’d love to learn all of their words/phrases. 🙂 Fruits and meats are both expensive over here, only our produce is rather cheap. I so wanna see a picture of the sushi! I’m so curious what it looks like now.

    People comment on my “Minnesotan accent” a lot, too! What the heck, right??? Lol. I’m jealous about the KMarts. I haven’t seen one in the longest. The tax included in the price & the no tipping is pretty awesome!

    I hope you find a permanent job soon! & I didn’t know Bumble was for finding friends. I thought it was a dating app lol. Interesting! Hope you meet the coolest folks. 🙂

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    1. I’d be sure to take a picture of a sushi roll for you! But to give you an idea, instead of 6 or 8 pieces cut from a single roll, Aussies just cut the roll in half and you just literally have a stick of sushi roll to eat. People just dip the ends into soy sauce and eat it instead of cutting it into smaller pieces – if that makes any sense 😛

      Omg, I love their shopping culture here. I would always overestimate the final cost just to save myself from the embarrassment of not having enough money or something after taxes, lol. I was on Reddit the other day, and the Vancouver subreddit was bursting with “tip-shamming” threads where people got called out for not leaving a high enough tip.

      Thank you! I am totally okay with online dating and using Tinder/Bumble for a while but for some reason, using Bumble to find friends is super weird, haha.

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      1. What the heck?! I am flabbergasted LOL. That’s so weird. I won’t even eat those sushi burritos and that kind of reminds me of them.

        I think that would be awesome to be able to see the tax right away. Everywhere should be the same way.

        I never thought that you could even use Bumble for finding friends. That’s actually pretty neat. 🙂


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