Journal Entry #002

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

It’s been a week since I moved into this place! Right after moving in, we went to Target to grab some bed sheets and a shelving unit. I also started unpacking and found myself a nice little corner of the house to work on my laptop!

Building our cheap little shelving unit.

Tiffany (roommate) is also a singer/songwriter so to get out of the house and visit some local joints and to show support to our new roomie, we went out to On Top Bar to catch her performance. She’s is suuuuuch an amazing singer! 

Last week, we also visited St. Kilda’s beach on the hottest day of the week. Seriously, it was high of 30-something and then for the remainder of the week, it’s been low 10s with wind and rainstorms.

Ugh, I am so excited for the sun and to get a nice year-round tan again…

This week….

On Tuesday, I went back to my interview with ME… and it went well! They specifically turned me down for the first role I applied for because my experience didn’t match but they ended up having a new HR Role that is opening up. It’s so new that they don’t have a formal description of the role, or even advertised it yet. They called me up to give me a first crack at it. 

So, I went to chat with the HR Manager and Recruiter. It sounds like this position is pretty much mine, however, it may not start until early 2019. I told them that I took a two-weeks contract that they were super supportive on that and would give me an update prior to the contract ending. My agency that I work through also gave me a call on Thursday asking if I’m interested in a 4-months HR contract. I said yes and they’re putting me forward because I don’t know when I could start at ME. Ideally, I would love to work at ME because the environment suits me more (and it’s closer to home!) but I also can’t be unemployed for a month or two waiting on them to get back to me. 

Soooo…. there’s that. Fingers cross that ME chooses to move the role along quicker so I can start shortly after my contract ends!

If I got hired at ME, I would see this street art everyday, haha. How cool is this, though?!

On Wednesday, I went to Melbourne’s biggest shopping mall and literally spent like 3-4 hours shopping for some corporate attire. Back at home, I’ve worked in a start up environment so I never had to bother with corporate attire, and the one pair of slacks and blazer I own, I decided to not bring that with me because everyone told me I probably won’t be working in an corporate environment.

Buuuut… turns out, a lot of temp contracts are in corporations. To keep things within budget and cheap (lol), I went to Target to find a blazer, an office dress, and slacks. I wanted something that could pass in an office, BUT also something that I can wear on a fancy dinner or something without looking too corporal.

Little did I know, the sizing in Australia (or in Target only?) is a bit different than North America. I’m used to XS to XXL and the odd numbers whenever I shop in H&M. But, in Australia, there’s XXXS or whatever so all this time, I thought sizes 6-10 were for bigger people BUT they’re actually a size small! WTF!!!

I was going to complain about how I couldn’t find anything in my size but it turns out, the sizing is just done differently. I purchased size 6 clothes and they were actually a small… lol.

Thursday was my first day on contract. I arrived at the office and holy moly, it’s massive. This company owns about 7 floors in the building and each floor houses different departments. 

On top of this, there’s cafes and cafeterias within the offices, and ping pong tables, fooseball, jenga, and a library. They promote collaboration so no one is assigned a seat – you literally pick up your laptop and move wherever you want to sit and each seat comes with a laptop charger, mouse and keyboard, and dual monitors. 

It was overwhelming at first and I still get lost within the building but it’s my first ever corporate job. Startups are generally small and have some games but maybe a level or two at most? I now understand what my cousin was saying when she said she met a co-worker from a “different floor”. 

I’m part of the talent acquisition team (fancy, eh?) and they’re a team of 19-20ish wonderful, wonderful people. They’ve been nothing but warm and welcoming over the last two days. They’re really showing me the ropes and stuff, buuuut… I don’t think they know I’m only here for a week or two. I don’t want to be a bitch but I also don’t want to get close to any of these girls and then have to leave…

What I wore on my first day. Everything is new except for the top and shoes.

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