A Happy List | Vol. 3

+ I discovered aromatherapy from my colleagues at work recently and despite moving and saving money, I caved and purchased one for home. I’m so happy to stop by Winners first because they had an ideal one for only $50 with two 5ml oils!

I was extremely hesitant about purchasing a diffuser because I wasn’t sure if Dan would like it because when I was talking about it, he would say aromatherapy is a “scam” (lol). I burned lavender the first night we slept with it and he felt extremely calmed and fell asleep within seconds. The next morning, he said he woke up feeling more fresh than usual!


+ Speaking of aromatherapy… I ordered this starter kit oil set from Amazon and it’s set to arrive this Thursday!


+ Today is BC Day… which means it’s a bank holiday! I’m currently not a work and relaxing from an eventful weekend 🙂


+ Having a busy weekend means more posts to write about! I’ll be sharing the Powell Street Festival, Vancouver Pride Parade and a date night!

+ I also discovered a pretty cool app that stimulates an accurate late 90s film picture! I love, love, love film but it’s way too costly and it’s more convenient to shoot on the phone.  Lately, my Instagram was popping with film pictures so I went into the Play Store and searched up film apps. I ended up loving Huji Cam so much, I paid for the premium version ($1.19 CAD).



+ Olivia, my colleague from work, and I ordered glass straws from Amazon on Wednesday and they arrived last Friday. I was working remotely so I couldn’t pick them up but I’m super excited to use them on Tuesday when I make my iced coffee!

In a strong effort to save money, I’m trying to drink coffee at work instead of buying daily iced lattes from Starbucks. Olivia taught me how to make iced coffee and the straw was the last thing to top off my morning drink!

Plus, making a positive impact on the environment is cool and all… #environmentallyfriendly #reuseablestraws

9 thoughts on “A Happy List | Vol. 3

    1. I’m so obsessed with using the app ever since I downloaded it! I may be overdoing it, but it’s soooo pretty, haha. I hope you’re enjoying 1888!


    1. I hope you like essential oils as much as I do! I got a Victsing starter pack from Amazon and they’re amazing! I would totally order again when I run out.


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