I'm 24!

It’s weird to consider myself “mid-20s” now. I have officially left the early 20s category and I miss it already.

Last Friday was my birthday. My manager gave me the day off and Dan insisted on making it my birthday (long) weekend… Who am I to complain tho?

24th Birthday Weekend

But, in all seriousness, I’ve never had someone put so much thought and effort into my birthday and spoil me with thoughtful gifts. Each gift he gave me throughout the day was tied to something we’ve both shared or little remarks I’ve made here and there throughout the relationship.

To kick off my birthday long weekend, my colleagues at work decorated my desk and celebrated with a very yummy ice cream cake. Unfortunately, we had some construction guys working right above my desk on the 19th so I wasn’t able to fully enjoy my decorated desk until Monday.


After work, Dan and I also went to check out a local haunted house that was about ten minutes away from us. They’ve been operating for 18 years and this was their last year. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain (what’s new in Vancouver?) and we were standing in line for 45 minutes and barely moved in line. It was set to open at 7:30 pm and we arrived just in time, only to discover they were running late and opened at 8 pm. By then, they were letting only very small group of people in, and they won’t let another group in until the previous group finished the entire house… so you can imagine how long it can take just to get into the house. We ended up bailing because we were soaking wet and been outside in a line up for 45 minutes already… we really didn’t want to wait an hour just to move a few inches.

On Friday evening, Dan took me out to Cirque du Soleil and caught their Kurios show… and let me just tell you… it was AMAZING! This was my first ever Cirque show so I’m a little biased but this is Dan’s second Cirque show and he said it was much better than the first one he saw years ago. I absolutely loved how it was incorporated with humour, a storyline, and just the beautiful and amazing acrobatic performances. I’ve never seen anything like that before and it was just… beautiful and amazing! Very inspiring to watch these performs perform, and it’s so beautiful to see how they shine and live for the applause! He also took me out The Keg for a fancy steak dinner – I wish I was more adventurous with food because I got a plain steak while Dan’s dish was just tasty AF!



Over the weekend, we went out to Nanaimo, BC., but being on the west coast meant it was raining… again. Heavy rain. Our original plans for ruined so we ended up going to the Aquatic Center for a gym session and a soak in the hot tub, followed by a trip to Woodgrove and picked up a few things from the mall.

Oh, on an exciting personal note – I drove for the first time in Nanaimo! It was extremely dark and raining but overall wasn’t too bad. I get nervous when I’m in an unfamiliar place but I felt I did fairly well.


Heading back to the island means seeing the lovely, beautiful and chatty Alice again! I’m normally not a fan of cats because I’m afraid they’ll dig their claws in me for no reason, but Alice is just sooooo beautiful and chatty! She’s the only cat in this world that I get along with (for now).

That night, we also watched The Conjuring 2. If you don’t know, The Conjuring is was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen but The Conjuring 2? Oh man, I was in tears. It was so scary and right now, I still get creeped out by dark corners or shadows because my mind automatically thinks of the nun from that movie.


And, all good things must come to an end…

Sunday was greeted with very delicious chocolate pancakes for breakfast before catching the ferry back home. Nanaimo is such a peaceful, quiet and beautiful place that it makes it a nice place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Of course, the two times I’ve been in Nanaimo, it’s been pissing rain so I still haven’t seen much of it but I’m hoping the third time is a charm and I’m greeted with sunshine on the island!


Downloaded an app that simulates a pretty accurate polaroid!


Spring on Park Avenue

One of the gifts Dan got me was this beautiful 1000 pieces puzzle titled Spring on Park Avenue. We started it on Sunday evening and made very good progress thus far – almost half the puzzle is done!

All in all, my birthday long weekend was truly a blessing and by far, the best birthday ever. I’ve never had a partner that put so much care and attention on my special day. He went above and beyond to make my day as magical as ever and I absolutely loved every minute of it, and so grateful to have someone like Dan in my life!

So, cheers to my 24th year on Earth! I wonder what comes of this year….



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