A Day at the PNE

A Day at the PNE

The Fair at the PNE is an annual fair that is opened during the last few weeks of August and September. It’s also tied to Playland, Vancouver’s amusement park that opens a few months earlier than The Fair.

(Fun fact: while writing this entry, I found a trivia fact about Playland. It’s the oldest amusement park in Canada…. oldest!)

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday (insane that Canada is that young, eh?), visitors pay only $1.50 to enter the park if they’re wearing red and/or have a maple leaf. Dan wore his only red t-shirt and I have a maple leaf tattoo.

After years of not attending, coming back to The Fair and Playland brought back a lot of memories, mostly from my youth. The rides, the foods, the venues – all reminded me of my childhood days when my Dad would bring my brother and I to Playland and we’ll just hit all the rides while my Dad waited patiently or lined up in other rides for us.

We decided that we only wanted to check out a few rides, mainly the classic wooden rollercoaster and a few other casual rides. We opted not to buy the general pass for all the rides because we weren’t in the mood for the majority of the rides, and to my disappointment, Playland decided to get rid a lot of rides so the amusement park downsized quite a lot.

Just about to ride the wooden rollercoaster, the oldest rollercoaster in Canada!

The last time I was on the rollercoaster was when I was a kid with my brother. The steepest drop nearly flung me out of the seat and I was gripping on for my life. It was enjoyable, nonetheless, but it really scared me to the point where I was cool to skip the ride for the next few times. That day was the first time I rode on the rollercoaster since my childhood.

The drop was just a reminder of my childhood fear. I was gipping on the bar like my life depends on it – I flew off the seat but wasn’t as high off the seat as when I was a kid. Dan was acting cool and taunting me but eventually took his arm off me and gripped the bar as well.

Aside from the wooden rollercoaster, we also rode the Musical Express (which is my favourite ride), and some kiddie swing ride.

Dan trying to win me a stuffed animal 😛

During our time at the Fair, we also checked out the marketplace where I got the comfiest leggings a woman can ever wear… more on that later, though.

We caught the SuperDogs show and the RCMP Musical Ride. I didn’t take much footage of it, and I sort of wish I did so I can share it with you guys… but, basically, SuperDogs was the cutest thing ever – just a show of talented dogs doing obstacle courses. There was this one dog that eventually called it quits and just stole one of the wooden sticks and ran off stage from the owner.

The RCMP Musical Ride was a performance by the RCMP on their horses. They’ll perform amazing choreography while riding their horses.



There was also a farm in The Fair as well and we caught a selfie with the cutest goat! They had a pig race going on around the time we stopped by as well. This farmer trained a pig to act and perform like a dog – playing fetch, kisses, and calling it by its name… very cool to see!


So, happy Monday and have a great week! I miss the fun of Playland and The Fair already (although, my wallet wasn’t too keen on that day)…

8 thoughts on “A Day at the PNE

  1. You had me at PNE!! I grew up in VAn and miss it terribly…I remember many fun times here with my mumma as a kid!! Great post!xo ValerieMapleLeopard.com Fashion and TRavel


  2. This looks like such a fun event, and awesome that it was so cheap to get in too!! I haven’t been to the fair in years, but we do have a small funfair at the end of our pier that I go on if my family are visiting 🙂 xx


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