EP. 12 – Home Tour Vlog

Hello from the dead!

Yes, I am still alive and so is my blog… haha. It’s been a hectic past few months and I know that’s usually the general excuse for any bloggers buuuut…. it’s true! There’s a lot that I want to share and just so, so, so much content to get through.

To kick start my return (hopefully) to the blogosphere, here’s a tour of my new place! It’s ONE of the few big changes in my life!

3 thoughts on “EP. 12 – Home Tour Vlog

  1. Looks like a cute place, can't wait to see it when you've got all the furniture/decor situated. I still live with my parents too, and I don't pay rent, but unlike you I do live by "their rules" and it sucks sometimes lol I have to be home before midnight, which is hard sometimes because my boyfriend lives about 45 minutes away so it sucks having to say goodbye to him around 10:30!! BUTTTTT it's free rent and I try to respect my parents and get here on time lol


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