I'm a grown up….?

I think I’ve grasped the concept of adulting.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is the year that I want to grow and essentially ‘become an adult’. It’s the year that I put my future in focus rather than leaving Vancouver on a regular basis for holidays.

I’ve started my job hunt for an entry-level Human Resources position back in early February and wow… it’s insanely hard. I’ve been to a few promising interviews only to get shot down at the final round because someone happens to have a little bit more over me. I absolutely hate being told I’m a strong candidate but unfortunately someone has a little bit more experience.

I’m currently waiting to see if I made it to the short list for one of the companies I applied for and interviewed with last Wednesday. I absolutely loooooove this company (already) and really hope they consider me for this position!

In addition to looking for jobs on an near daily basis, I’ve also started meal prepping. I figured, if I want to pay off my student loans ASAP, I need to drastically change my financial habits. I would spend about $6-7 on my lunches everyday at work and at the time, it doesn’t look too much but eventually when I load up Mint, I see the bigger picture. Every paycheque I get, I automatically deduct $200 for expenses and put the rest into repaying my loans back, and ever since I meal prepped, I’m surprised I can survive on $200 bi-weekly! The great thing is that I don’t even do ‘roll overs’ so if I don’t spend my entire $200, I include the left over into my debt repayment.




My meals are heavily protein based because I hit the gym a few times a week. But, nonetheless, it’s very nice to see how much money I can save just because I take a few hours out of my weekend to do a week’s meal prep! I’m also starting to slowly try new recipes and pick up new cooking tips and tricks.

One of my other accomplishment just happened a few hours ago. I finally purchased a new table and decluttered my desk.

The new desk is significantly smaller than my old one which gives me more room in my bedroom and less space to be tempted to clutter my desk with. The only thing I keep on my desk now is my laptop, lamp, two decors, and my make up. I’m going to eventually downgrade my make up collection as well because my make-up routine is very simple.

It’s so nice and refreshing to declutter and look at a new change! I’m on a path to minimalism and I absolutely love it. I’m going through my closet every day to see what I don’t need and I now consider purchasing clothes that can be worn for work and outings, rather than buying things on sales or just for one occassion.

Literally, I’ve only spent $10 on clothes this year…(so far)!

Adulting isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be… I’m looking to start my career; I meal prep to save money; and now that I’m adapting a minimalism lifestyle, I don’t shop or waste money anymore. I prioritize my debt over my wants of travelling and that’s a bit difficult but the idea of getting rid of my school loans is very rewarding.

4 thoughts on “I'm a grown up….?

  1. Yay! good for you jumping into the adult world! I'm actually terrified for it. I actually decided to go back to school even though I got my undergrad. But, a lot of my friends who didn't go back to school and are still on the hunt for a job. So, don't get discouraged – you're not the only one! You'll soon find a place thats best for you and one you'll be a great addition for! Best of luck with adulting! 🙂


  2. Adulting is hard. I'm 26 now and still figuring it out. But hey, we'll all get there! Your new desk looks awesome! I might need to buy a smaller one bc mine is being overrun by clutter, too!


  3. I'll be 25 in October and I still dont feel like an adult. Maybe it'll hit me when I move out from my parents place. lol tbh though I hope I always feel like a kid, I think it makes life more fun… I just hate the working part!!! Grrr can I just stay at home and sleep all day ???


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