This is the part where you begin to drift from your friends

I was hanging out with my cousin the other day to catch the Canada vs. Mexico soccer game which Canada lost drastically buuuut oddly enough, I’m not too bummed out because I don’t consider summer sports to be Canada’s forte. I mean… who seriously tunes in to watch the summer Olympic games in Canada? Haha.
Post game. 0-3 Canada vs. Mexico

My cousin and I were walking towards a late night sushi restaurant to grab something to eat. I was complaining about my Saturday plans because at the time I agreed to it, I was down but as the days crept closer, I wasn’t in the mood.

I told my cousin I felt that my lifestyle no longer revolves around clubbing and spending a fortune drinking with a bunch of strangers. I told my cousin that clubbing is no longer my scene because it’s not a place to catch up with my friends or meet new people. I’m no longer phased by having half my boobs pop out in order for guys to pay attention.

I mean, is it even genuine interest if you’re half naked? I’d rather appreciate a compliment when I’m fully clothed than wearing a short mini-skirt and low cut shirts.

My cousin told me I’m at the stage in life where I’d start to stray away from friends that I no longer share the same lifestyle with and associate myself with those more similar to me.

I’m not a prune. I still have fun but I’d rather do it elsewhere and not at a club. I don’t know when society deemed that the best thing you can do is go clubbing.

I noticed I hang out with my co workers more than my girlfriends because I see them much more than I do my actual friends but it’s also the fact that they’re similar in age but seek fun elsewhere than a club. And that not all outings requires us to drink. They have similar goals in trying to reach their careers or finish school.

I think everyone knows friends stray after high school or during your mid 20s but I think it’s interesting to experience it for yourself rather than read about it.

I no longer share the same lifestyle as some of my best friends and that’s okay. We may drift but that’s okay because I still trust and rely on them. I just hope that they’re understanding of my lifestyle differences and respect that as well.


I still keep in touch with my girlfriends via messages and occasionally meet up for dinners and movies but I honestly don’t think I can continue hanging out with those who revolve themselves around nightclubs and drinks. There are so many other ways to have fun without getting drunk, half naked, and struggling to find out how you’ve been for the past few weeks over loud blaring music and strangers.

And right now, I’m so close to graduating and starting my career. Maybe in the past few years when I was nowhere near finishing my school, I’d join them in nights out but now, I’m more focused on my career than anything else and I’m alright with that 🙂

One thought on “This is the part where you begin to drift from your friends

  1. I had two best friends in high school that I totally fell out of touch with, it's pretty sad because we were so close. but when you stop seeing each other every day at school you realize you really didn't have much in common. I never went to clubs, and to this day I have no interest in going to one. I would much rather stay in, watch a movie with somebody and eat some popcorn. I would rather just talk all night about random things and open up about what's going on in my mind or what I'm dreaming about… sounds kind of lame and boring but that's what I like! I don't have very many friends IRL to be honest. I'm always usually hanging out with my boyfriend or my family, but I'm okay with that. Family is sooo annoying haha but they are always there for you, even when you get angry and say mean things :PAnd because I am Mexican I have to obviously say, Woo hoo! Go Mexico!! What a great game! LOL (I didn't watch it, but that score is awesome! lol)


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