10 Things That No Longer Phases Me When I Got Older


When we get older, our priorities and opinion changes as well. The things we once love may no longer mean anything to us anymore or our preferences for things can change.

For me, so many things have changed since I’ve gotten older. I view and feel things differently. Here are just some of the things that no longer phase me since I got older:

1. Having x amount of friends.
Quality over quantity. I am no longer afraid to cut off ties with individuals that I feel are toxic in my life.

2. Chasing boys.
For the most part, I know what I want in relationships and men, and now, I don’t waste my time and effort chasing someone that doesn’t want me enough. Chasing someone is fun but not when it’s misleading and confusing to me.

3. Going out every weekend.
Just because I say no to a weekend outing doesn’t make my life dull. I just like to invest my time (and money) elsewhere from time to time.

4. Dressing to impress.
Admittedly, I used to dress (provocatively) to get impressions from boys. Now, I just dress to my own comfort level and only dress up to making a first impression on interviews or formal events sort of thing.

5. Not caring what others think.
Similar to the one above, as I got older, I began to do and dress the way I want to without giving much to other people’s thoughts and opinions. I was taught to value the opinions of those who matter to me.

6. Pooping.
If I gotta go, I gotta go. It’s only human nature to poop. I am now comfortable to do it in my friends’ places and in public if I really gotta go. I also have a sensitive stomach so the faster I got over the initial embarrassment of pooping, the faster my body thanked me for it.

7. Being assertive.
I can fully say “no” and speak about any issues without hesitating or feeling bad anymore. I feel the older I get, the less I want to be pushed around or taken advantage of.

8. “You owe me”/”It’s $20 each”
Remember how back then we all used to split the check on something or keep tabs on people? The older I get, the more I feel money is such a stupid thing for friends to dispute or talk about. If I’m doing financially okay, I wouldn’t mind picking up the check once in a while or loan out $5-10 to friends and not ask for anything in return. Keep in mind, I only do this for those I really care about.

9. Taking a billion pictures
I now live in the moment. I still take photos from time to time and when I’m on vacation but for the most part, I don’t take a billion photos and forget to live in the moment. Just because I have no photos of my party weekend doesn’t mean it never happened.

10. Alone time.
I need my alone time. I like to do things alone. Back then, the idea of being alone meant someone had no friends, but now, I stir crazy if I don’t get my alone time and don’t mind it if people think I don’t have any friends to go watch a movie with.

I think it’s scary how much our peers and society influenced the way we act and think growing up. I remember holding in my stomach pains when I was a teen because it’s an embarrassment to poop in public when everyone knows pooping is natural. I hate how saying no means we’re selfish and we’re assholes. I hate how society says we need to go out every weekend and that being alone in public means we have no friends.

Growing up allowed me to break from those “norms” and be more comfortable with myself and do things the way I want to. I hope that some of my younger readers will realize that some of things society deems unacceptable is perfectly okay.

10 thoughts on “10 Things That No Longer Phases Me When I Got Older

  1. Agreed, alone time is so important. It's interesting too how dealing with money changes. I think it's definitely because my friends and I are out of college and have real jobs so we're not so broke anymore, therefore it's fine if I come out paying more sometimes and they pay more other times. Love reading about how people change!Laura | Laura Aime Vous


    1. Exactly! I feel great treating my friends to a lunch or dinner from time to time and just catch up without having to deal with the whole splitting the bills thing. I think acknowledging time spent with friends is more important than money is a clear sign of growing up.


  2. I love how growing up gives us a positive change within our personalities & embracing those changes is always a good idea. I no longer care about others' opinion on my dressing style or how I do thing now. It's so relieving to realize. Noor | Noor's Place


    1. Fashion is definitely one of the biggest thing I got over! I remember basing off my purchases on what people think rather than what I really wanted. I'm 22 and still buy sweaters with cats on them because I love them, haha 😛


  3. i think we all go through a stage where we dress to impress boys. I remember asking my mom for push up bras and I would wear such low-cut shirts in middle school lol omg I'm laughing! I definitely cover up now, I am just more comfortable that way. I dress for me now, if I want to dress down or dress up, it just depends on what mood (and how much time I have!) also #6 made me laugh because I was just like you hahaha!! Now I'm just like, "We all do it!!" and I just don't care anymore. lol


    1. Hahaha, it took me a while to get comfortable with #6 but it's just humanly body functions 😛 I love how guys have always been comfortable doing it (and getting paid to do it during work) and girls are just like… huh?? I don't do that, haha. Omgggg push up bras were everything growing up! I still have some in my closet but for the most part, my bras are just regular t-shirts one now


  4. Hey bb gurl 😉 I completely, totally, 100% agree with everything that you said haha. Esp. #3! I enjoyed our Netflix/Sims and chill time hahaha. Even though my flatmates thought we were completely bonkers.


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