Hello November!

Can you believe it’s November already? We literally have two months left until 2016! I know everyone says this all the time, but damn, this year went by pretty fast.

Vancouver is kicking off November with rain pour this past weekend! I’m all for the rain except when it slows down work like crazy – I enjoy a fast paced environment to pass the time quickly.


To kick off Halloween, my co workers and I bought treats for the team. We work in a gym so if any of our members saw the stuff we keep in the staff room (cakes included), we’ll have a hell, haha. But, perks of working in the gym? We get to burn it off as quick as we ate it.


Our company also decided to host a costume party! I’m not a fan of Halloween so my go-to costume of being a cat got some rad reviews. It’s the first time I’ve ever done winged eyeliner which I’m extremely satisfied with! Other co workers came in as pikachu, grumpy cat, ninja, power ranger, gorilla and a hippie. Sadly enough, our gym didn’t win because all the other gym locations had themes going on and we didn’t haha. Our costumes were all over to place.

But, hey, I make a cute kitty, haha.


Morning view of the Waterfront at around 7:40ish. Vancouver is so beautiful….


Do you ever get bored during your break and take selfies? Welcome to my break, haha.

Honestly, I’m thinking about 2016. November and December are going to zoom right by.

I just purchased a planner for 2016 because I get the feeling that next year it’s going to be hectic since I’d be trying to cram my studies before my NZ trip, my NZ trip itself, savings, and wrapping up my degree. Insane to think I have 3 semesters aka 1.5 years left until I graduate and apply for a working holiday visa somewhere.

It’s still two months ago but I’m thrilled for 2016. Right now, November and December are just filler months to get as much work and save as much as I can before the new year.

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