I'm Feelin' 22!

Cue Taylor Swift’s 22 song, please!

I’ve spent 21 years on earth and finally enter my 22nd year.

I’ve been asked if I feel any older since turning 22 and nope, nada. I feel young, inspired, and motivated. As cliche as it sounds, I’m excited to explore the world and myself in my 20s.

Because my birthday lands on a Tuesday this year, I decided to celebrate it last Saturday.

I originally didn’t plan on doing anything for my birthday because I’m not one to celebrate my birthday a lot. I get excited for it but that’s about it. The birthday gathering was suggested by Brenden, my co worker and next thing I knew, everyone at work and two of my best friends decided to join in, despite the last minute invite.

All dolled up and ready for the evening!

Some of us arrived at the Cambie at 5:30PM which was incredibly early but the Cambie is a place where it gets packed quickly on Saturday night. And how quickly? By 6-6:30PM, nearly all the big tables were claimed inside the bar and outside as well. There was already a line up at 8PM!

One of my favourite co-workers, Sara!

Everyone else arrived later on.

It was filled with laughter, bantering, insults, and love. I couldn’t ask for a better 22nd birthday celebration or co workers to celebrate it with. Honestly, these co-workers have been the best I’ve ever had in such a short period of time.

I didn’t take many photos shortly after 6PM because I was already drunk and my phone was dying… seriously, smartphones have the WORST battery life nowadays!

After hours and hours, remember, half of us started drinking at 5:30PM and it was now 11:30PM. We decided to hit The Pint but the line up was waaaaay too long and skipped over to The Blarney Stone which was much much better. Smaller dance floor but the live music was better!

It’s weird to party with your co-workers because everyone is so close in age, we get pretty drunk and wild. I’m slightly dreading Monday where I have to face everyone… sober, HAHA. It’s the first time all of us actually gathered around and drank together. Summer was way too busy and everyone had plans of their own.

I welcomed my 22nd year on earth with great people, kissed a girl for the first time, puked in the bathroom (lovely, eh?) and made some amazing new friends.

Couldn’t ask for a better birthday!

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