1 Month Update on my 100 Days Shopping Ban Challenge

I’m back from my Alaska trip! Prior to leaving for my vacation, I was doing very well on my Shopping Ban Challenge (with the sliiiiight setback on some Canadian jades).

In my natural habit surrounded by stuffies! #Alaska2015

Vacations are not cheap. My airline tickets to Alaska were cheap but expenses on trips can add up easily. You’ll see very few Canadians south of the border nowadays since our dollar is extremely weak and makes no sense for anyone to be splurging in America – in fact, many Americans are flocking over to Canada for vacations and shopping!

I had no other choice since all my flights and accommodation were booked already, waaaaay before the dollar dipped as low as it is now.

So, aside from the meals and a few taxi rides, my shopping ban was skewed dramatically while on my vacation (which, by the way, I did mention I might put a pause to this challenge when I’m in Alaska):

  • I kept all my meals under $15USD. Hooray for free breakfast!
  • Limited my usage on taxis/car rentals so it was public transit for most of the time.
  • I kept souvenir shopping relatively cheap. Because most souvenir tend to get forgotten overtime, I based my selections on prices rather than looks.
  • I chose to stay in a hostel (because I also wanted the experience as well) so that saved A LOT of money for me.
  • I had Starbucks on a near daily basis because obviously Alaska doesn’t have Timmy’s…
  • I kept my clothes shopping limited – only purchased items I felt I needed to invest in; eg. business casual tops and sweatpants. Even then, they were relatively cheap since they were from Target.
  • I DID NOT BUY ANY BOOKS FROM BARNES AND NOBLES! That is a major bonus for me because I cannot walk out of a bookstore empty handed.
  • Similarly, I did not purchase any make-up/facial cleansers from Target
  • Or, in any case, any random shit from Target. I have the urge to purchase useless things from Target because it’s so cheap.

Overall, my vacation was short, but despite purchasing a few things here and there that were listed on the ban, I’m quite happy with my spending habits. Normally whenever I’m in the states, I purchase a lot of goods/clothes but since embarking on this challenge, it made my reflect on a lot of my purchases. I feel like I need to see an investment in what I purchase rather than basing everything off a “I like this t-shirt” feeling.

1 month into this challenge has me reflecting a bit. I think about the future so much it has affected my spending habits. No more buying books I won’t read for a while since I rarely got the time and I’m planning to move. No more purchasing random clothes based on style rather than functionality. My closet might be changing as well since I’m leaning towards a neutral, casual, professional look rather than a kiddish-teenager look with cute designs on my tank top. I also invest in a lot of basic stuff that I can wear both at a job and on my days off.

I’m excited with my progress. Kicking my bad spending habits is fun and gives such a nice feeling! Now that I’m back to reality, my challenge resumes and hopefully successfully complete it!

3 thoughts on “1 Month Update on my 100 Days Shopping Ban Challenge

  1. I think a more casual wardrobe is a slow sign of growing up! I still get cute graphics shirts from time to time but definitely not as much as I did even a year ago. I looooove Target! I'm pretty upset they didn't do too well in Canada 😦 It's my first stop whenever I cross the border… Target is everything!!! haha


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