100 Days Shopping Ban Challenge

Earlier this year, I’ve made a resolution to develop better financial habits and get my finances in check. If I’m being honest, I think I’m doing very well compared to my habits last year. I don’t do impulse shopping anymore, surprisingly I survive on $200 per 2 weeks and hell, I haven’t touched a penny in my Savings Account since I started it for New Zealand (the old me would splurge on something big)! Also, I’m paying off my credit cards faster than ever.

To further challenge myself and reconsider all the useless items I have accumulated, I’ve decided to embark on the 100 Days Shopping Ban Challenge. This may be the start to a minimalism lifestyle but that’s a whole different story.

So, starting today, July 24th, 2015 and ending in 100 days on November 1st, 2015, my challenge includes…

Banned Purchases:

    • Books, magazines, stationery, notebooks, etc.
    • Electronics (unless my laptop or headphone breaks during this challenge)
    • Cosmetics
    • Facial cleansers/shampoo/conditioner/body wash (unless I run out during this challenge)
    • Gym attire
    • New clothes (unless required for work/interviews)
    • Accessories such as handbags, scarfs, hats, etc.
    • Canucks or any NHL items
    • Household decorations
    • Starbucks!!! 😦
    • Junk food such as chips and chocolates
    • Pampering appointments aka salons, massages, etc.

What’s Allowed:

    • Gifts for special occasions
    • Groceries
    • Once or twice a week sushi (because, let’s be serious, I would die without sushi)
    • Tim Horton’s coffee ONLY on days I work (which is 4-5 days a week)
    • Printer paper (and ink) because university is a biiiiitch
    • Alcohol and taxi cabs on those nights I go out with friends

This challenge occurs during my Alaska Trip in which I MIGHT put a pause on this ban because I would love to grab some souvenirs while I’m in Alaska.

On top of this challenge, I would also try to meet the monthly limits I’ve set for myself on Mint, particularly on dining out and coffee shops.

I would also want to clean out my closet (again) and get rid of A LOT of accumulated stuff over the years such as little plastic figurines, pictures of people I no longer talk to, DVD collection, etc.

This challenge would not only challenge and reduce my spending habits, improve my financials, but also allow me to reflect on the materialistic items I’ve “wasted” money on.

I’d be sure to keep you guys posted along the way! This list is just a few thoughts on the top of my head – I’d be adding more bans or exceptions as the challenge goes on!

9 thoughts on “100 Days Shopping Ban Challenge

  1. My silly impulsive purchases were just random stuff I picked up off the shelves in my local dollar stores and even though it's only a dollar or so, it adds up! I know I said I'd only buy coffee on days I'm working but I'm harsh craving a coffee right now 😦


  2. a 100 day spending challenge!? Wow! Back when I didn't have a job I didn't spend any money but my husband worked and I think I got my shopping fix from buying the groceries. Now that I have a job I gave myself a budget every month of just fun money that I can spend on whatever. It's working so far although I did go over this month and won't have as much in August. Ahhh hopefully I'll get better 😛 good luck with your challenge!Jessica | Pyreflies.org


  3. Budgeting is so difficult! I try my best to stay within budgets in my Mint app and always fail 😦 Sometimes by a lot and sometimes by a few dollars or so. I hope this challenge really enforces good financial habits on my and make me think about all the things I purchase on a whim


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