I've Gone Pink!


I’ve always had colour in my hair so whenever I feel my hair is lacking colour, an urge inside me tells me to hit the salon, asap. I made an appointment with Blanche MacDonald student services again because of the great experience I had with them last time. The last time I got my hair coloured at a student services was with VCC and it was horrible!

I originally wanted pink ombre on the ends of my hair, however, once I got to the salon, my stylist, Kelsey, told me my hair was way too dark to get that bright pink I was talking about. You know, the pink that’s in season this summer?

She told me I would have to bleach my hair to a level 10 blonde, but the lightest my hair would go would be about an 8. Anything more would either damage my hair or cost waaaaay too much.

So, Kelsey and Renata came up with two tones of pink/purple that compliments each other and dyed my hair with those two colours. So, instead of the pink colour I wanted, my hair has different tones (especially since I had color prior to bleaching, those strands of colored hair turned out lighter after the bleaching). It’s a mix of pink and magenta.

I love the mix and tones of the two colour, but a part of me is still bummed out I couldn’t get the pink I wanted. It sucks having black hair – I feel colour options are much limited or harder to achieve.

During the process, I got a glimpse of how I looked with bleached blonde hair aaaaaaaand, I’ve always thought Asians with bleached blonde hair look trashy buuut damn… I wouldn’t mind trying it out for a while, haha.

I figured since this is my last year or so before committing to a professional career, I mind as well have some fun with my hair before I settle for plain black or a more neutral shade of dye 😦


Channeling my inner Nikki Wong from 6teen.

Seriously, that show was amazeballs.

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