Why I Left Self-Hosting WP for Free WP (Je Suis Jessica)


If I was a regular reader, I’d slap myself for changing my blog… again.

Yes, not even a year into my self hosted blog (and after preaching about moving to self hosted), I realized it’s not for me. I had a first year promo rate, but after the first year, I would be paying nearly $100/year just to maintain my blog.

And, as someone that’s cutting back on literally everything in life to save money for my move to New Zealand, $100/year is expensive compared to a free service and a yearly domain fee.

I don’t make money from my blog. I don’t consider myself a professional blogger so all the fancy SEO plug ins, and expensive themes weren’t for me. I can go months without blogging and it wouldn’t matter to me. But to know I cough up $100/year and not blog sort of eats at me.

I wanted to go back to Blogger but the process of moving my posts from WordPress to Blogger was a hassle and lately, my life doesn’t have time for stuff like that. So I chose to go back to WordPress which works out for the best and caters to what I need. It is a bit more expensive ($17 more) than Blogger, but I think I fell in love with WordPress over Blogger 😛

That being said, I also needed a new URL for WordPress. Exactly, Jess was taken but I wanted to have my name in my URL since it is a personal blog. I wanted French in my URL as well and next thing I knew, I came up with Je Suis Jessica. After claiming that URL, I realized there’s also Je Suis Charlie which in no means, did I “copy” their name. As bad as it sound, Je Suis Charlie was no where near my mind until I realized how ‘familiar’ my URL sounded.

Soooo, this is the last change for my blog, I promise. Even I’m getting tired of brainstorming new URLs and moving my blog back and forth!

2 thoughts on “Why I Left Self-Hosting WP for Free WP (Je Suis Jessica)

  1. I actually have a wordpress.com account that I use as a private personal blog. I use it to rant and complain about things and say bad words that I wouldn't want my blog buddies/readers to see lol I tried blogger but I didn't like it very much. I am definitely a wordpress fan :)btw, I clicked on the twitter image above your picture (on the sidebar) but it's wrong. It is taking me to your goodreads profile!JessicaPyreflies.org


  2. I loved Blogger but after those months of using WordPress, I like it more. It's still limited and I miss Disqus and a few other things but I'm glad I stuck with WP! Can't see myself using any other blogging service anymore.PS: Thanks for the noticing the wrong URL! Corrected it right now 😀


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