#NewZealand2016 (Cheers to my future home!)

Over the past few days, I’ve scoured the internet for every information on New Zealand I can find – history, taxes, immigration processes, work visa, culture, job markets, schools, etc. etc.

You may have heard that I’ve fallen in love in New Zealand and would love to move there. I originally didn’t know where but now I do… so do you know what that means? I’m dead serious about moving to Wellington, NZ.

Why Wellington? After research after research and photos after photos, my heart is telling me Wellington, haha. It especially caught my attention when a lot of Wellington locals said the city is small enough to know everyone and everything. I adore small cities! It’s an ‘IT city’ but I’m confident in finding a hotel.

Photo from: http://photographyblogger.net/30-pictures-of-wellington-new-zealand/

So, what now?

I originally wanted a work visa for New Zealand. However, I was stuck between weather I should move during my studies or after my studies. This caused such a big dilemma and after asking dozens of people, no specific answer was giving. My purpose of the work visa (aside from work) was mostly to get the feel of the city. After all, we can’t move somewhere without experiencing it first.

So I decided, screw the work visa. I’d just go on 2-3 weeks vacation to Wellington! This would be the better option for me in terms of finances and priorities. By the end of my current contracted tourism position, I’m also hoping to forcefully get my foot into the hospitality industry with a big hotel chain.

As of now, I got a few things to:

  • Pay off my credit card debts. Can’t start a savings plan with excess debt. Also, can’t start a good vacation without a fully paid off credit card!
  • Start my Bachelor of Hospitality (and Tourism) degree. I’ve nailed it down to three universities: University of South Africa, Columbia Southern University or Fort Hays State University. Because this is my second Bachelor, I won’t be taking out a loan for it so the tuition fee plays a lot during my decision to pick a university. If you ask me, I would love to attend University of South Africa because after the currency conversion, it’s the cheapest option. I already submitted my application to them – just waiting on a response.
  • Cut down on my spending. Drastically. I’ve already said no to buying food on the go and hanging out with friends!
  • Make amends with Vancouver. My beautiful, beautiful city… we’ve grown apart over the years. I don’t want to leave the city all bitter and disappointed.
  • Make amends with people. I’m moving halfway around the world in a few years… gotta say what I need to say!
  • Explore Vancouver. Time to play tourist in my own city.

I got nothing against Canada and Vancouver, but this city has tired me and left me feeling hopeless…

I really hope everything works out. I would love to be a Kiwi!

(Ironically, I’m allergic to kiwis as well…)

7 thoughts on “#NewZealand2016 (Cheers to my future home!)

  1. I think it's crazy awesome you plan to move to NZ! I live in Alabama (US) but I have very good friend who lives in Auckland, NZ and also have a friend who lives in British Columbia, Ca. Personally I feel a bit tired of the U.S. and I've always said, I want to move to Canada cause it just seems so…idk…better? However, being a southern girl, I'm not quite mentally or physically built to deal with snow so NZ has been on my radar too. I admire you for being able to just pick up and go basically…I'm still a momma's girl at heart lol!


  2. Good for you! It's great to know what you want. Sometimes I think that people live a very long time without being able to figure that out. I've been to Vancouver (last fall) and as much as I do love the Northwest, I could see how Vancouver could get a little frustrating. Best of luck on your trip to NZ!


  3. You should definitely come visit BC! Canada is an amazing country! The snow is worst throughout the country but BC is the one place in Canada that isn't always hit with snow and freezing temperatures (well, it depends where you are in province. In Vancouver, you'll be fine!). I hate the snow so in the winter time, it does get cold but not as cold as people make it to be. Come visit and enjoy the nature and scenery! 🙂


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