Happy 22nd Birthday, Arcy!

I can’t believe I’m celebrating this girl’s birthday for the 8th time! It’s insane to think that in two years, it would be a decade since I met this girl aka it’ll be ten years since I started high school!

On Friday we went to Fur Elise for high tea. I’ve never had high tea before so the experience was great! I always thought how can these little sandwiches and pastries fill someone up buuuuut… it does. It fills you up a lot! It was about $30 for our high tea set – was it worth it? The food was good but I don’t see myself casually stopping by for high tea anytime soon.


After high tea, a lot of the girls had to return to work (and I just got out of work!) so we went to catch Cinderella. I haven’t caught a movie with the girls in such a long time, I missed it! I learned that no matter what movie we watch, Arcy and I would always start laughing and commenting on every detail of the movie.


On Saturday, we all met up again to hit the club… and yes, we went back to Republic. I think everyone knows I’m a Republic girl now…

I got straight bangs earlier that day as well! I seriously can’t wait for my hair to grow out… ugh.

After camwhoring and pre drinking at Arcy’s house, the party bus finally arrived. I haven’t been in a party since my ex’s 18th birthday…. and that party bus lacked drinks! The bus driver was cool enough to let us drink on board even though it was technically “illegal”.


I was drunk already… see the Asian glow?

The driver stopped at Stanley Park and yes, the picture shows exactly what I did… LOL


All them squats paid off 😉

Oh yeah, somewhere between getting off the party bus and entering the club, I ended up borrowing’s EJ’s phone to call Sukh… and… let’s just say, men don’t like it when girls borrow phones to dial another man LOL. Oops…


Cheers to another year with an amaaaaaaaazing bomb ass girl!

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