Take a Study Break!

… which is what I’m doing now!

I am driving myself insane with 5 courses per semester but I’m just soooo done with school, I need to get this over with ASAP instead of taking my sweet ass time. I’m planning to take 6 courses per semester soon which probably means even less time to procrastinate but that means completing my degree so much more faster.

I mean, we all do a facial mask when we study right? #clearskinequalstoclearmind
This was taken about 30 mins from my interview!

I got a new job since leaving the bakery before my China trip. It’s with my local gym and guess what… if you’re in Vancouver, it’s the gym that’s owned by a fellow Canucks player located in Canada Place. I love it so far! Great team, great atmosphere and I’m learning a lot!

Okayyyyy, gotta hit the books again!

Business communications is soooooooooooo fun


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