Introducing my 3rd Tattoo!

Who knows, this might be my last tattoo I’d get!

If you don’t know by now, I’m planning to leave Vancouver in the next two years so. A lot of people may think, “psh, two years is a long way from now!” and if you are one of them, weeeeeell, you gotta look into your life because honey, time is FLYING by way, way, way too fast… seriously, it’s the end of 2014 soon!

So yeah, 2 years may sound long but in reality, it flies by.
After procrastinating long enough, I finally got around to designing my third tattoo – a tribute to my home city.

It’ll be my first coloured tattoo and I’m excited for that. My original plan was to keep it simple – just an umbrella with rain drops and YVR’s coordinates. Then I saw a few skyline tattoos and fell in love with it, except that the skyline tattoo would require more skin. I want to keep it simple, small and perhaps on the back of my neck or just below my neck.

Here’s my design(s):


#1-4 is my original concept. I originally wanted it straight up but the diagonal designs add a bit of “umph” to it, just because it’s diagonal, you know what I’m saying?

I also added two versions of it: one simple (4 rain drops) and one with a bit more raindrops (6 drops). I originally liked the concept of 4 raindrops until I experimented with 6 raindrops and loved it even more!

The skyline tattoo is Vancouver’s waterfronts. There’s a bigger one and a smaller cropped one. I enjoy the bigger one but like I said, I don’t have anywhere on my skin to do that unless I put it sideways on my thigh or something – even then I’m not sure if I want a skyline. If I opted for the smaller design, I’d have it on my forearm. However, the skyline designs might even be out of the question because of all the fine details that are pretty small.

Right now, I’m leaning towards design #4 because it’s pretty much what I envisioned prior to designing it. I thought about having the words, Vancouver, BC buuuut coordinates look soooo much better, haha.

Which design do you think is good?

2 thoughts on “Introducing my 3rd Tattoo!

  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA! 🙂 My favourites are definitely #4 and #6 🙂 I've been thinking about pulling an Angelina and getting the coordinates of places that are important to me. (Because I'm awful and I don't think I want kids, ha). Anyway, LOVE the idea! YES. So much yes.


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