Recipe: Garlic Avocado Snack (1-2 Mins)

In my household, we are considered “healthy”. Actually, I’m the only one that isn’t too crazy about being healthy. I would still prefer McDonald’s over the task of cooking dinner…

So, when I finally had my first taste of avocado a few weeks ago… holy moly, I am in love! I don’t know why I never had avocados before nor do I understand why people would waste a perfectly food avocado on their face.

I’m not the cook in this household and in the relationship. As much of a princess I sound, I order out or get my food cooked for me (hurray for finding a man that could cook, eh?).

But, I managed to prove some good use in the kitchen. I’ve been cooking my favourite avocado snack and if you don’t like avocados… then I don’t even know you!

What you need:
1 avocado
1 small clove of garlic
1 pan

1. Cut your avocado and peel them. Dice them into small cubes.

Photo 2014-07-24, 7 56 17 PM

2. Set aside your diced avocados. Grab your garlic clove and dice into small pieces.

Photo 2014-07-24, 7 58 20 PM
Photo 2014-07-24, 7 58 05 PM

3. Set your pan on your stove to low. No need to add oil or anything. Toss the avocado and garlic in.

Photo 2014-07-24, 7 59 46 PM

4. Stir them around gentle for about a minute or so. You will start smelling the avocado and garlic really soon.

Photo 2014-07-24, 8 02 35 PM

5. Enjoy!

The garlic isn’t a strong taste when you eat it but you can definitely taste something different with your avocado instead of the usual taste.

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