How I Got Rid of my Acne

I don’t want to brag but I’m lucky enough to have good skin. I rarely break out, never had any issues with long term acne or dryness, or anything along the lines of that. The only flaw on my skin is probably the blackheads on my nose which aren’t too bad.
However, this month, for some odd reason, half of my face started popping up with pimples. I thought maybe it’s time to wash my pillows and towels but still no clear improvements. I also thought about the food I could be eating but nothing that could cause a break out. I also cleaned my face very well so when all the things I normally try to get rid of pimples didn’t work, I decided to toughen my facial cleansing routine.
1. St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub for blemish and blackhead control.
I maintain my skin on a regular basis with this lovely scrub. I use it a few times a week depending on how I feel about my skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin (at least, I believe this product shouldn’t) but I cut back to exfoliating once per week, since starting this routine, which is usually on a Sunday.
I use this product every morning to start my day. It has 2 added vitamins for your skin and cleans your face without drying out. Ever since using this facial wash, my acne started disappearing and my face feeling fresh and clean every morning!

Just before going to bed, I clean my face with this wonderful product. After a day in the city, my face feels fresh, smooth, and relaxed (surprisingly) by the end of the night. It deep cleans into your pores and gets rid of dirt without drying out your skin either. It also gets rid of make up but unfortunately not any eye make-ups.

With only those two cleansing products, my sudden prolonged break out was cleared up in a week! I started noticing the difference about two days into the routine but definitely cleared up my skin in about week, all while still using make up and without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for something new to clean your face with, I’d recommend the Clean & Clear. I think that made the biggest difference in my break outs.

8 thoughts on “How I Got Rid of my Acne

  1. I'm actually quite lucky. I've noticed that the less I do to my skin, the healthier it is. The more complicated products I use, the more my skin breaks out.


  2. You're so lucky, I got acne since I was 14. It's manageable now but I've got the acne scars and they'll be with me for the rest of my life. (Unless I get laser)


  3. I'm like you, I was very fortunate not to have acne growing up. I had friends who did and it was awful. But every now and then I get one or two nasties. I find exfoliating helps a lot. Like your tip about washing towels and pillowcases. Not that I don't do it obviously but changing it up daily would greatly reduce the chances of spreading no?!SDMxxhttp://www.daringcoco.comGIVEAWAY NEWNESS, CHECK IT


  4. I've seen that before! One of my classmates back in high school used to cake her face with make up (not saying you do!), and those rare times she comes without anything on… her skin looks horrible :/ a lot of acne, probably from the excessive use of all those heavy products.


  5. Yup, clean towels and pillowcases reduces the risk of pimples! Plus, it doesn't kill to sleep on fresh sheets! ^_^Hurrary for (lucky) healthy skin, right?! I got friends with bad acne growing up too 😦


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