Bellis Fair (Bellingham, Washington) Haul

As every Vancouvrite knows, heading down the States means a day of shopping for cheap and exclusive goods!

On Wednesday, my friend, Dee, and I went down to Bellingham via Greyhound for a day of shopping!

I haven’t ridden on the Greyhound since the 8th grade and it was to Seattle with my mum. This time around, we chose to do the Greyhound because none of us drive. It’s also my first time traveling with Dee out of the city.

I woke up at 6:15AM and left the house at around 7:15AM. The greyhound bus departs at 8:35AM. Dee woke up at 7AM… surprisingly she got to the station on time but left all her American money at home so I had to cover for until the local currency exchanges opened up.

I completely forgot that Dee was an inexperienced traveler. That being said, she asked a lot of questions (paranoid questions) about border crossing. She even brought along her purse that was filled with combs, make-up, cable and chargers… and while it’s nice to have those, I felt like it was a waste of space in her bag. We’re leaving the city for a day – pack lighter so you’ll be more comfortable!! Her bag looked as though it was about to explode!

The bus ride to Bellingham was relatively short. We arrived at the Greyhound station to realize that we were in the middle of nowhere. Literally, there was no one around, no one walking, not even cars moving. I’ve never been to this part of Bellingham! I mean, all the times I’ve been to Bellingham was by car.

We eventually took a random bus to Downtown where the bus driver was kind enough to tell us which buses to take to where. Our first stop was Goodwills (because we’ve heard so many good things about it!) at Sunset Square. First of all, I didn’t know Bellingham buses did not dispense any tickets aka proof of payment. I also didn’t know buses were THAT small. Also, they don’t even have an automated announcer for all the stops! The bus driver has to shout them out and most of them didn’t bother with EVERY stop.

Oh my lord, thank goodness we encountered our bus driver! He was extremely helpful in getting us to Sunset Square. We also told him that we wanted to go to Bellis Fair later and he said it’s the exact bus, and just come back to this stop. I love helpful drivers!

When we got into Sunset Square and into Goodwills… we were a bit disappointed. I did NOT find anything that was worth purchasing. I’ve seen millions of Goodwills hauls online and thought I’d have better luck here than back at home… but nonetheless, I think Value Village was better for me. The prices were only a SLIGHT cheaper than VV.

We later went to K-Mart which I found out was just another Target-like store. I only purchased two more bags of Spicy Cheetos and a bustier top from Nicki Minaj’s line (ewww). The cashier we had was extremely hilarious though!

Photo 7-17-2014, 12 07 49 PM
We then trekked our back to the bus stop to see the same bus driver again. He kindly allowed us to “finish our ride” to Bellis Fair… aka we didn’t have to pay for that bus ride!
When we got to the last stop, the driver asks, “Are you guys from Canada? Because I’ve never seen you around before and you guys look completely lost!”
And then I realized… holy crap, Bellingham must be a pretty small place if this bus driver says he has never seen us before. I also looked at the map and realized there only one public high school, and one private Catholic school. I also noticed that a lot of people on the bus seem to just know each other, and same with the kids. I love a small town but perhaps… maybe not that small?
In Bellis Fair, we hit almost every store! I love WetSeal and Charlotte Rousse, and Rue 21! The Forever 21 and H&M were lacking… like surprisingly, we had bigger stores than them which also meant more items, and the prices weren’t that cheaper than Canada. We also hit Target and Kohl’s!
Photo 7-17-2014, 12 06 52 PM
Target’s Up&Up facial scrub; ELF’s eyelid primer, eyeliner and total face brush; Claire’s earring set; Make up remover cloths from Goodwills; Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation’ Goody’s bobby pins.
Photo 7-17-2014, 12 07 33 PM
Photo 7-17-2014, 12 08 22 PM
Photo 7-17-2014, 12 08 39 PM
Photo 7-17-2014, 12 09 00 PM
Photo 7-17-2014, 12 09 19 PM
Photo 7-17-2014, 12 09 36 PM
Photo 7-17-2014, 12 09 49 PM
Decided to start working out!
During our time at the mall, we also went to get massages: both from a massage parlor and the massage chairs in the mall… ugh, how I would love to go back for another massage!

On the way back, it was even worst! A few people had to get interrogated at the border so our bus got delayed… and this French couple beside us kept on making out on the bus… nasty.

Photo 7-16-2014, 1 22 34 PM

Nonetheless, I loved everything I got and managed to keep my shopping trip under $100 USD! My cousin thought that was waaaaay too less to spend in the states but I personally felt happy, haha.

I think I might go back there sometime in August for the back to school and summer ending sales!

One thought on “Bellis Fair (Bellingham, Washington) Haul

  1. I can't believe you got all that for under 100! That's actually super amazing hhaa. Jealous you live so close to the border!


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