Canada Day 2014

Oooo, I’m a bit overdue for this post but I just got around to wrapping it up.

This year, I celebrated Canada Day with one of my best friends, Dee and together, we hit Canada Place for the biggest celebrations. Also because we wanted to catch the fireworks at 10:30PM. I haven’t been in Canada Place for Canada Day since high school!

The day was gooooorgeous! We’re talking 30 degrees sunshine. We got there about 2PM and killed time with the activities and exhibits. We also caught the (crappy) parade.

The parade was soooo shitty. What a waste of time! The first part with the cops were pretty cool but the rest of it was just shitty. The entire parade was made up of a bunch of random Asian associates and clubs… like seriously, what’s so Canadian about that?! It’s like whoever planned this group didn’t bother to try to get any entertaining groups to walk in the parade.




Needless to say, it was a fun day but I don’t think I’ll visit the parade next year.

Also, after the fireworks, we were in the middle of a fist fight between two groups. The victimized group got away but one of the members were caught by the attacking group and literally, all 6 guys were beating down on one guy until the sirens came.

Why can’t these groups just leave their violence for another time? Canada Day is a day for family and fun.

4 thoughts on “Canada Day 2014

  1. Awwwiesss, sorry to hear that the parade wasn'tso good! You and your best friend still looks likeyou are having a great time together c: Is Canadaday like the 4th of July of America, or…? xx


  2. Yup, Canada Day is like Canada's birthday. Although I'd say our celebrations aren't as big as July the 4th but there's parties, events, and fireworks 😀 not many BBQs tho 😦


  3. Haha, I think we normally are but everytime there's a big event (like Canada Day or our annual summer firework shows), teenagers in gangs just decides to come out and hunt rival gangs. They just can't pick another day to fight!


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