New laptop! (Early graduation gift)

Happy hump day!

I’m extremely happy this week because on Monday, I skipped school (LOL) and went shopping! I ended up getting a new laptop to replace my old 4 years old laptop because it was getting extremely slow (freezes when I watch a 30 sec YouTube video) and I get the oh-so-lovely blue screen crashes.

And, I was told that if I ever do see the blue screen, it means it’s time to replace the laptop because it would’ve died anytime soon which means I probably couldn’t retrieve any of my files anymore.

So, without further ado, I present to you the new HP 14-n048ca!


It’s so insanely gorgeous! I got it at my old Best Buy and my co-workers were willing to package this laptop into a deal for exactly $400 (my budget).

It’s 14 inches which I thought would be too small but it ends up being just perfect and light/small enough to carry on the go. It also has a touch screen that I’m still getting used to but it comes in handy from time to time. I no longer have the number pad so getting used to typing on a new keyboard is… different. Hurray for blogging! It’s practice for me!

I did encounter a few errors on my first night of setting the laptop up. Shitty Windows 8! It took me two days to figure out the resolution for my problem which means it’s taking me about a total of three days total to set everything up and transfer all the files. As I’m typing this, I’m currently downloading/installing The Sims 3 and transferring my music files onto a USB.

After the music files, I can finally say goodbye to my old (shitty) laptop!

Photo 6-23-2014, 8 16 56 PM
Transferring programs is so annoying.

Thank you, Best Buy for giving me such a steep discount on an insanely good laptop and my parents for not getting mad at me for picking out my own graduation gift without discussing it with them and being so nice to pay for it ^__^

(I can’t wait to start playing The Sims!)

3 thoughts on “New laptop! (Early graduation gift)

  1. Ugh I'm trying every trick in the book to convince my parents to get me a new laptop. Envying you girl! Good luck in the future for your grad Emily


  2. yayyyyyyy! My laptop is showing the blue screen too but in no way I am buying a new one ( all invested in buying an ipod 5, eek) I hope someone gifts a new one to me 😉


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