#2014BloggerChallenge – eBook Collection

Can you believe it’s June?! I still can’t!

A lot has happened the last few days and I’ll keep you guys updated soon. For the time being, I’ll fill you guys in with what I collect.

Here’s the thing about me and collections: I don’t collect. I mean, I’d attempt to collect things (eg. rocks, special coins, notebooks, etc) but if you count collecting eBooks to read, then yes, I have my collection.

I love reading, that’s a given. I stopped reading actual books because it’s getting expensive at the rate I read and takes up room in my bag sometimes. The only time I read a paperback is probably if the book is ridiculously cheap and I don’t have it on my tablet yet. Otherwise, I’d mostly grab things online because it’s cheaper and lighter for me to carry.

I mean, isn’t it awesome that I can carry my entire library collection with me?!

Photo 6-1-2014, 4 13 49 PM

My loved Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Can you tell on generic everything is? I literally haven’t customized it except for downloading and rearranging a few apps. I use this solely for reading, with the occasional Netflix when I’m at school. Other than that, I don’t use it for social media (I don’t even have FB/Twitter app installed).

Photo 6-1-2014, 4 14 56 PM
Photo 6-1-2014, 4 15 04 PM
Photo 6-1-2014, 4 15 10 PM

A small bit of my digital collection. In total, I have about 320 books loaded into the Kobo app… yes, 320 books. Imagine 320 books on a shelve!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t download eBooks just for the hell of it. I download the books that I see myself reading! But, because everything is digital, I began “hoarding” ePubs. There are books on my Kobo that I don’t even remember wanting to read, haha. I just like having them!

Photo 6-1-2014, 4 15 31 PM

And of course, I got the Goodreads app. If you’re a bookworm, add me on Goodreads – or leave your link and I’ll add you! 🙂

Is it weird that I collect ePubs/eBooks? What do you collect?

2 thoughts on “#2014BloggerChallenge – eBook Collection

  1. You sound so much like me! I have more books on my kindle then I think I will ever read, but they are there in case I want them. =) Off to make sure we are goodreads friends.


  2. I can't help it! Hahaha, I guess it doesn't help that we can't physically see our collections and think… holy crap, gotta stop downloading! Happy reading!


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