I got a pixie cut!

Processed with Moldiv

If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll know that last night I chopped off my hair and went brunette!

Based on my last post, I’ve been eying a pixie cut for a while day and since my professor let us out early yesterday, I decided to visit my local salon (Modern Beauty Studio) and get a new do.

So… yes, essentially this new do happened spontaneously! And I’m happy because I love change and “risk” taking (because apparently cutting off all your hair is risky business!). Speaking of change, it’s also my first time ever dying my hair brown (Ash Brown). Originally, I wanted to add highlights in but the stylist recommended me to go brunette.

Photo 5-1-2014, 12 53 50 PM
Old pic
Processed with Moldiv
Old pic. #baseballcaplyfe
Photo 5-20-2014, 2 36 20 PM
Hair colour in natural lighting – few hours before chopping it all off.

No longer spotting green/blue hair, even though I still loved it when they cut it off. No more long hair to dance in the wind when the breeze blows this summer.

Instead, everything is lightweight (and cold).

Photo 5-20-2014, 5 03 42 PM
Photo 5-20-2014, 6 02 17 PM

I love the results and lucky me, I guess short hair suits me too. Although many of my friends can’t see it, I thank them all for their wonderful comments ^__^ #blushin.

Have a happy Wednesday/Thursday!

8 thoughts on “I got a pixie cut!

  1. Thank you, Megan! I just did it on a whim – and I totally recommend people just chopping it all off and see where that goes. I think a lot of people can pull of short hair but don't know it yet.


  2. Really cute! I was actually having my haircut today (more of like a trim) LOL and I was also thinking about getting a pixie cut as well. Looking real good there. I think that making a hairstyle change can help put things back in the past and moving forward. ^_^BTW, my blog moved (you were the last person to comment too before I made the move). It's here now and I recently claimed it at Bloglovin – http://adriculous.me


  3. Oooo, you should definitely consider getting a pixie cut! I didn't give much thought about getting a new do but as soon as I gotten it cut, a friend said the exact same thing – you're long overdue for a change and move on.Okay, I'll be sure to follow your new blog! 😀


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