A Bittersweet Tuesday

Photo 5-6-2014, 3 13 28 PM

Seriously, who does not enjoy receiving mail? Even if it’s my credit card statements, I still love getting mail! This morning, I was greeted by three packages from my latest eBay purchases! I’m actually surprised how all three (different sellers) arrived at the same day – eBay shipments (from China) never happens like that!

Photo 5-6-2014, 4 05 16 PM
Photo 5-6-2014, 4 05 48 PM

Remember the blue shirt that I thought I’d loooove?! Well… let’s downgrade that ‘love’ to ‘like’. First initial thought was – I don’t remember this being a long sleeved shirt. I was pretty upset so I sent a message the eBay seller and asked for a refund because the shirt didn’t match the description. She apologized and gave me a refund. On top of the shirt not matching the description, the embellishments were a bit loose and there were loose threads hanging everywhere.

However, when I threw it into the laundry basket to have it washed, I reexamined the shirt again and found out that there’s a little fabric that hooks onto the beads on around the elbow – just like the photos in the description! I thought… holy crap, I’m stupid. I pretty much complained about a top that was NEVER wrong to begin with!  Sooo… essentially, I got this top for free!

Photo 5-6-2014, 4 01 31 PM
Photo 5-6-2014, 4 06 16 PM
Photo 5-6-2014, 4 06 23 PM

Yesssssssssssss, my infamous kitty bag finally came in! It’s exactly what the description said, and the quality (the one thing that I worried about) is AMAZING! I’m happy about the size, the quality, and the detailing! I honestly can’t wait to start using this for school!

Photo 5-6-2014, 4 07 37 PM

Finally, I got myself a metal tongue bar. The ball didn’t screw on properly so I eventually asked for a refund. I think I’m just going to buy another one from a jewelry store in the mall.

Photo 5-6-2014, 1 40 48 PM

And, finally, to end Tuesday, I actually ended up dropping off everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that The Boy ever given me. All the gifts, movie stubs, everything.

So, it was a bittersweet Tuesday; I got my new items and I ended up giving up and getting rid of everything from The Boy.

6 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Tuesday

  1. I think that top looks really good on you and that kitty bag is sooo adorbs! I remember myself in the same situation wherein I was in an endless battle whether to dump all the stuff my ex gave me and yeah, I feel better once I threw them all out. Way to go! 😀


  2. it will be a good change for you! My thoughts are with you though, it isn't ever easy letting go.


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