New Blog Design (#MightyMOtivation)

See something new?!

I redid my blog design because I sort of dislike the image mapping AND I decided to make a bucket list page and realized if I continue to make more pages/links, I’m probably going to have to redo a banner every so often.

Gosh, I feel so.. self centered to use my own pictures as a theme but.. it’s my blog, hahaha!
HA! (sorry, I’m just feeling a bit off today).

So, earlier today in Instagram, I got tagged by Mo and this week’s theme is change. And I figured, what’s a better way to make change by changing my blogger theme? I mean, sureeeee, I can change my life (seriously, it’s changing alright!), buuuuuut… my blog!!

I based this design off my old, old, oooooooooooooold design from my old blog. It’s simple and I fell in love with the final result.

click for full size.

I couldn’t replicate the polaroids because it was generated by a discontinued program 😦

I also couldn’t replicate the font (I know, it looks similar right?!) because I forgot the exact font name, but I found some cool ones that I enjoy better. I didn’t think of capslocking my title at the time I was making it… but I sort of wished I did 😦 oh wells.

I’m making final tweaks (maybe new buttons?) to the theme such as what to do with my sidebar headers… I seriously HATE making those things T___T

Anyways, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “New Blog Design (#MightyMOtivation)

  1. Finally found the time to stop by! AHH! I LOVE IT! 😀 I love the little tamagos in your sidebar! yay! Thanks so much for doing my #mightyMOtivation ^____^


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